Activewear That’ll Motivate Even The Laziest Exerciser

If there’s one sure-fire way to ramp up your motivation to exercise, it’s new activewear.

These days, we are overloaded with choice when it comes to sportswear, which is good news for people who need a constant supply of new lycra to lure them into their workout routines each day. 

Activewear presents the opportunity to play with some colours and patterns you would never dream of wearing in normal day to day activities. Though, if you’re like me and like to slip into the gym without raising too many glances first thing in the morning, you’ll probably eschew the loud colours and prints in favour of more classic shades and styles with a luxe, classy vibe.

Metallics such as gun-metal grey, bronze or champagne, teamed with solid black, OR classic black pieces offset with a flash of colour are effortless ways to up the activewear ante.

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As you’ll see in the gallery, my personal preference at the moment is for Nike. I find Nike leggings to be extremely well-made, and best of all they are super-flattering. The whole Nike range mixes and perfectly, and price-wise, it is affordable.

There are plethora of smaller brands on the market (some are included below) but not all are created equal. If you’re not keen to take a stab in the dark, and would like some certainty about fit and quality, I would head to Net-a-Porter and Stylerunner for shopping. Not only are their edits excellent, they only carry ranges that are highly vetted, and offer attractive return policies.

Here, I have rounded up my favourite stylish activewear buys that’ll help you make the most of your membership.


activewear crop top blue

LNDR Zing layered stretch-knit sports bra

$108.90, at Net-a-Porter


  • Reply bag girl Thursday 13th September, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    i live in active wear !!! its great for casual wear but also to help your muscles recover after workouts and dont forget active wear bags made out of neoprene

  • Reply Vanessa Vinos Tuesday 7th August, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    Great pieces. I’m great at buying all the fab fitness clothes, just not good at getting to the gym 😉
    We will be soon moving into Autumn hear in the UK. So getting ready to hibernate LOL

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