The Classy Girl’s Guide to Cosmetic Injectables

classy girls guide to injectables

It’s no longer a secret that the average woman might enjoy a little bit of Botox or filler to enhance her look and keep the most obvious signs of ageing at bay. How is it, though, that some women pull this off effortlessly while others end up looking like they’ve had “work” done?

We spoke to Dr Garry Cussell from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia who educated us on how to ensure your injectable treatments are done tastefully and elegantly…

Dr Cussell injectables

#1 Have A Proper Consultation

Rather than simply walking in off the street to begin a cosmetic enhancement, opt for a proper consultation first. A consultation is important so you can discuss your goals, your concerns, and ask for recommendations.

A good injector will take the time to listen to you, assess your face, and make recommendations that are right for you, including the option of cosmetic injectables when appropriate. A technique that looks good on one person may not work as well on another.

A proper consultation is also important for safety reasons. Be sure to ask your doctor or nurse about how much experience they have, and any risks involved with the treatment. If a clinic rushes you through the consult and goes straight into treatment, you’re probably not getting a very good service.

#2 Start with Less, Then Add Where Needed

Anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the muscles that cause the skin to crease with certain movements. Ideally you want to relax the muscles, but you shouldn’t go so far as to have a “frozen” look. Allowing some movement will keep wrinkles at bay but keep you looking natural.

In Dr Cussell’s practice, he tends to use a little less Botox (or Xeomin) for the first treatment, and then he invites his clients to come back for a complimentary follow-up appointment to top it up if need be.

You can always add more if you need to, but you can’t take it away if you’ve added too much – and it can take 3-6 months to wear off. Dermal fillers can be dissolved if you’re unhappy, but this adds another expense and more time to your treatment, so it’s better to try to get it right the first time. Start with less and add more slowly if needed.

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#3 Think of Enhancements, Not Enlargements

Fillers are used to restore volume to areas of the face that have started to sallow and sag. You can use fillers to plump out a sallow cheek, but when too much is used, you get an unnatural, over-structured appearance. Think of subtle filling rather than building, and ask your doctor or nurse about what the treatment may look like.

Lip fillers are certainly en vogue at the moment, but large lips don’t suit everyone. If you have small features overall, or if your lips don’t have a lot of natural structure and shape, then a very voluminous lip might not be right for you. It’s fine to work within your natural shape to plump up and smooth out your lips but keeping it subtle might look more natural and pretty.

#4 Allow A Hint of Ageing

You can enjoy the benefits of anti-ageing but still age gracefully at the same time. It’s the difference between ageing well and chasing your youth.

Instead of trying to look like you’re twenty forever, aim to look good for the age that you’re at now.

It’s unrealistic to expect every single crease and blemish to disappear completely, and if you strive for too much perfection, you risk going overboard with your injectables and looking unnatural.

Dr Cussell says that he has had clients whom he had to turn away because they want to top up with too much, too soon. “Unfortunately, nowadays, there are too many clinics and patients who request overfilling and it’s giving cosmetic medicine a bad name. We’re seeing people walk around with overfilled cheeks, overfilled lips, eye contours that look unnatural.” The general rule with injectables is that when they’re done well, no one can tell.

#5 Look after your skin

There’s little use in reducing your wrinkles and replenishing volume if your skin is going to be dull, dehydrated or sun damaged. Dr Cussell recommends that all his clients regularly exfoliate, apply serums with antioxidants and collagen peptides, moisturise, and wear sunscreen every single day.

These steps will help enhance your results from injectable treatments and bring out your natural glow. They’ll also help keep your skin supple as it moves with your facial expressions because looking tasteful with Botox means that you don’t won’t be completely frozen. For more information about Dr Cussell, injectables, and Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, check out their website.


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  • Reply Sam Roberts Wednesday 17th March, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    Dr. Cussell makes some really great points about injectables. I’m glad to hear him say “less is more,” since it seems many have forgotten that these days. Rule #4 is also really intriguing to me and refreshing to hear. I’m a fan of taking care of my skin with sunscreen, proper vitamins, and healthy eating habits. However, I did opt for a lip injection and I’m really happy with the results. I think lip fillers can be done tastefully to keep you looking classy by following the less is more rule. It’s so nice to hear someone like Dr. Cussell say what we’ve all been thinking.

  • Reply Rachel Friday 8th May, 2020 at 11:15 am

    I think Botox and Dermal Fillers are way more acceptable these days and are fine so long as it’s not over-done.

  • Reply Jules Friday 14th February, 2020 at 11:21 am

    Hellelulia! Glad to hear someone in the industry talking some sense! If only some of the reality tv take a leaf out of this book! So many people over-doing it these days. At best they look fake, but a lot of them look down-right weird. There’s nothing wrong with getting older, just look after your skin, try and look your best for your age . . . and stay classy!

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