6 Tips to Strike the Perfect Balance Between Curtains and Blinds

A secret tactic used by many professional interior designers when they want to change the look and feel of a room, is to carefully pair curtains and blinds together. When you strike the ideal balance, curtains and blinds will not only add drama, they can bring privacy, block light and create the illusion of spaciousness.

While you may be used to having either a set of blinds OR curtains in a room, when used in conjunction, curtains and blinds combine aesthetics with functionality. It’s an appealing way to play with colours, textures, and patterns, and create a gorgeous focus of any room. However, to avoid any interior design mishaps, it’s important to follow some guidelines to get the right look.

#1 – Make Sure You Choose the Blinds First 

When you match curtains and blinds, start by choosing the type of blinds that you want. The most common are Venetian blinds and roller blinds, and the most popular materials for blinds in the Central Coast are aluminium and timber. Observe the interplay between fabrics, colours, and room decor. 

#2 – Go as High And Wide As You Can 

High and wide blinds can change the perception of room size. A standard window can be made to appear larger, and a smallish room can appear more spacious. For instance, install Roman blinds just a few inches below the ceiling and hang the curtains about 30-60 cm beyond the window to make the ceiling appear taller. 

#3 – Pairing Patterns, Colours and Prints 

Pairing prints with prints may not be aesthetically appealing. If you are partial to blinds with prints, opt for solid colours for the curtain. It’s an ideal combination if you match a solid, coloured blind with a printed curtain and matching colour hues. Mixing and matching colours and prints can add a pleasant flavour to the room and soften the overall look. 

#4 – Matching Dress Curtains with Blinds 

Dress curtains can be used to create a formal look when paired with blinds across a bay window or radiator. Choose a stunning dress curtain to frame the blinds and add tiebacks on both sides for a more formal interior. 

#5 – Create a Harmonious Space 

You eventually want the room to give an inviting and warm vibe, so keep this in mind right from the start. Roman blinds are an appealing choice for those who’re interested in a real, layered effect. You can choose from bonded, textured or sheer blinds. Linen sheers strike the perfect balance with Roman blinds. If you want a more simplistic, relaxed effect, eliminate metallic threading and heavy sheen. 

#6 – Go for Different Combinations of Curtains and Blinds 

Although it can be tempting, avoid using the same combinations of curtains and blinds in every room. They can effectively control light and create atmosphere, but we typically like a different atmosphere in every room. The best way is to experiment with neutral fitted styles and find a match that creates the look we want. 

Lastly, make sure the hardware components like curtain rods match the window dressing. It’s a good idea to avoid shiny metal rods like silver or gold, and opt for a matte or hardware finish that blends with the overall window treatment. 

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