Window Dressing: How To Elevate Your Room With Linen Curtains

linen curtains
Along with giving privacy to our personal space, curtains are a window treatment that give an aesthetically elevated look to any room. While windows can be finished with simple blinds or shutters, there’s something tactile and luxe about a natural fabric that shields us from the outside world.

If you’re looking to dress up your home with new curtains for the windows, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to fabrics; whether you go for cotton to velvet, damask or even lace – the choices are limitless.

One of the most popular fabrics for curtains in the market today is linen. Linen’s crisp look lends texture to your windows, and at the same time it provides a smooth flow of outside air. Widely available and cost effective, but most of all stylish, linens are are great option for those wannabe interior decorators amongst us.

Keep reading to discover why linen is the ultimate choice for your windows!

linen curtains

#1 – Gives way to air and sunlight

Curtain fabrics like linen provide an airy, breezy feeling to any kind of home. Also, because linens are typically thinner, they won’t entirely block out sunlight on a sunny day either! However, one of the best selling points of linen is how it performs in summer – this fabric allows a free flow of outside breezes so your home will feel fresher and more comfortable. In short, linen gives a light and airy feeling and provides great ventilation.

#2 – Resistant to heat and humidity

Some curtain fabrics look amazing but they end up being high maintenance and inconvenient to deal with when it comes time to clean and service them. However, by contrast, linen is a curtain fabric which typically doesn’t need a lot of care. They are largely heat and light resistant, so the colours won’t fade easily. Moreover, they are believed to be antimicrobial, mildew-resistant, and unlikely to pill.

#3 – Linens match almost anything

Linens are very versatile and they’re easy to mix and match with other finishes around the home. Further, they are suitable for use in all different rooms, and no matter the season. From your living room to your bedroom, linen is adaptable and versatile.

#4 – Purchase them at the right place

If you’ve already got a curtain idea for your home and need some expert guidance, head to the professionals. Retailers like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop can help you discover the perfect linen choice for your project. With a vast array of colours and collections to choose from, you can shop online for a convenient curtain fabric hunting. Let your curtains flow beautifully by buying durable and high-quality fabrics at a reputable retailer.

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