10 Ways To Protect Your Mind, Body, And Bank Balance

we all deserve to enjoy a better future heading towards 2021 and beyond.
Following a very difficult few months, we all deserve to enjoy a better future heading towards 2021 and beyond. But it’s only ourselves that can make it happen! Here are 10 proactive steps you can take to achieve better physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

#1 – Build An Efficient Home

We are all sculpted by our surroundings. As such, creating a better home environment should be top of everyone’s agenda. Not least because it’s also the biggest source of ongoing expenses.

Firstly, if you’re looking to make any home improvements, you should consider improving the energy efficiency of your home. Adding eco-friendly appliances, thicker windows, and better roof insulation will serve you well. Further steps may include LED light bulbs and the use of instant boiling water taps. Greener investments will pay for themselves in the long run while boosting your wellbeing and protecting the environment.

Home upgrades shouldn’t focus solely on supporting our physical health. Increased home security can be another smart way to deliver the peace of mind you need.

#2 – Take A Local Adventure Holiday

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year and the thought of a holiday escape has never been more attractive. However, the reality of jetting across the globe is is slim to none at this time.

It’s a fact that spontaneous breaks deliver a significant boost in general happiness levels, while hiking and physical activities will release endorphins and improve your health. So, why not combine domestic holidays with adventure and exploration? Off road caravans – whether rented or owned can give you the freedom to enjoy regular trips and that endorphin rush, anytime. The fact you’ll create magical memories is a bonus.

#3 – Cook From Scratch

Nutrition is undoubtedly a central ingredient in the recipe for a better life, given that food choices have the power to influence your physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, what you eat will affect your personal finances in more ways than one.

For some, the thought of cooking meals from scratch can be daunting. First, there’s your ability (or lack thereof!), but a few simple tricks can help you level up your pizza game while there are plenty of other online guides available to help you with other meals. Next, there’s the issue of time invested in cooking. However, if time is of the essence, kitchen gadgets ranging from slow cookers to soup makers will work wonders.

Lastly, many people think that cooking from scratch will cost a fortune. This can be avoided by cooking in batches and storing so that ingredients do not go to waste. For even better results, you can start growing herbs or fruit at home. Feed your body well, and your whole life will improve.

#4 – Invest For Better Sleep Patterns

Creating a better sleep pattern is a smart thing to do for your health and finances. Insomnia and poor sleeping habits can lead to a range of physical and mental issues, and you may even start to spend a lot of money on medications and products to combat the challenges.

Therefore, learning to prepare your body for bed and reach the REM stage of sleep should be a priority. Simple investments like new bedsheets and pillows can play a big role.

A better night’s sleep doesn’t only leave you feeling happier and energised. The thought of getting home for a relaxed evening followed by a restful night in bed will provide comfort during difficult days.

how to boost health and wellbeing

#5 – Quit Bad Habits

None of us are perfect, and it’s easy to fall into bad habits. Bad habits can have a direct impact on your health, family and finances. Smoking, drinking, and drugs are just three of the most obvious examples, however overeating can be equally problematic. While addictions such as gambling may not directly influence your physical health they have a drastic impact on your mental wellbeing, which indirectly hurts your body.

When taking these proactive steps, often it’s the knowledge that you’ve regained control that makes a world of difference. Moreover, achieving these goals provides the confidence you need to spearhead success in other areas of life.

#6 – Clear Your Debts

Relentless stress will cause serious damage to your health, and financial stress is the most common example by far. The weight of debt can prevent you from leading the life that you want, so overcoming financial stress has the potential to change your life in major ways.

It may take years to climb out of the red, but you can regain control far sooner. The knowledge that you are working your way back to a healthier position will lift that weight from your shoulders. Cutting financial waste and negotiating debt repayments will work wonders. Experts are available to help, but remember that only you can reach out to them.

Financial stability brings a wealth of health benefits. While they are predominantly focused on mentality, your physical health improves too. Your risk of strokes, heart disease, and a range of other health issues can significantly fall. If that doesn’t encourage you to regain control, what will?

#7 – Treat Injuries & Conditions

We all experience health issues during our lives. The hectic nature of modern life may encourage you to delay seeking help. In reality, though, a stitch in time saves nine. Financially and for your wellness.

Postural problems are an increasingly common problem these days due to office jobs and less active lifestyles. Supportive back braces can help correct those issues, meanwhile problems with sight, hearing, and arthritis can be managed if you take control early on.

Conversely, allowing health issues to remain untreated will almost ensure they escalate, physically and financially while adding frustrations to your life.

#8 – Find Affordable Hobbies

There’s nothing wrong with spending money to enjoy life, however you need to respect your financial situation too. Even if your finances are in good health, cost-effective hobbies are ideal.

Combining this idea with physical exercise is a great starting point. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, playing team sports, or enjoying artistic hobbies which train your brain, they’re all equally useful. The knowledge that you are enjoying hobbies you love without breaking the bank adds to the enjoyment.

In some cases, it may also be possible to turn those passions into a side hustle. These days, starting a small business is more accessible than ever, and running it alongside your day job removes much of the risk. And, you never know, that side hustle may tun into a full-time income stream.

#9 – Invest In Your Looks

Studies have shown that people who believe they are attractive have more self-confidence. And the good news is that many beauty rituals will boost physical wellbeing. From keeping your skin rejuvenated to maintaining a good body image, these practices will affect your whole wellbeing.

Easy beauty and appearance updates can also bring instant rewards. Why not treat yourself to a fresh hairstyle, a new lipstick or a couple of new clothing pieces to give yourself an image boost! While you will have to spend a little money, the benefits are worth it.

#10 – Protect Yourself

Even if you make the right preparations in life, the threat of unforeseen circumstances still looms large. Therefore, the final piece in the jigsaw is to put a safety net in place to catch you if the worst happens.

Whether it’s an illness that requires medical care, a problem with your property (read more about home security alarms), or a driving accident, it doesn’t matter. Finding the right insurance coverage will protect your finances while adding emotional security. Insurance will allow you to focus on recovery in situations that require it.

Protecting yourself can also mean avoiding negative situations. Whether it’s ending a bad friendship or avoiding dangerous circumstances, a conscious effort to protect your physical and mental wellbeing will almost certainly make your future brighter.

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