Tips To Max Your Productivity In Study, Work & Life

how to boost productivity
Knowing how to increase our productivity is a life skill that’s well worth mastering. Getting through tasks quickly and efficiently allows us to achieve more, relax more, or perhaps get involved into something really inspiring.

On the flip side, a low level of productivity will undermine all of the time we spend trying to get our various tasks done. People who are studying are especially prone to the negative impact of low productivity. This is mainly due to “the juggle” where work and study commitments are intermingled with domestic chores and other life admin, creating a mess that makes it difficult to get anything done.

Whether you’re studying, working, or a combination of both, if you’d like to learn ways to boost your productivity, keep reading!

how to boost productivity 2

Tips To Achieving Max-Productivity

Managing our workload and increasing our output are things that can be learned and honed. These skill sets will help you in all aspects of your life including your education, career, and personal life.

#1 – Set goals, make plans, and stick to them

One of the most beneficial productivity tips is to allocate time for organising your time. Have a look at what you need to do, then group all of the similar tasks together. Setting realistic deadlines for each ensures that you have a goal and a structure to your tasks. Smaller tasks can be ticked off the list first, leading to a feeling of achievement, and you can break up larger, daunting tasks into smaller time-allocated pieces.

For example, if you have an essay or presentation to write, then you might dedicate one evening to researching all of the sources, another to grouping them into batches, and then another day per batch to read and make notes.

When it comes to writing, the process of dividing the material into smaller goals will also help you get through the workload. And remember, if your planning fails, you can always seek essay help or check out to find an expert to help you with completing the paper within your deadline.

#2 – Remove distracting factors

Technology is everywhere and it’s often used for good purposes, but constant checking of social media does nothing but waste precious time and damage your focus. While it’s a fact that online education improves educational productivity, the same definitely can’t be said for our obsession with scrolling, tagging and DM’ing!

Disabling notifications for a few hours while you’re working will instantly increase your productivity. Rest assured that you will not miss anything important, and know that those hours (without distractions) are much more productive than an entire day spent reading news, checking Instagram, tagging friends in memes, and checking out YouTube.

#3 – Take breaks

It might sound counter-intuitive, but another key to boosting our productivity comes down to taking adequate breaks. Setting some time aside for relaxation of the brain will stop you getting burnt out and overwhelmed with new information. Regular short breaks actually allow you to absorb new facts more efficiently. If you’re prone to working endlessly and you forget to take breaks regularly, then there are many apps for productivity that may be helpful.

According to this dentist who does gentle tooth extractions in Tewksbury, taking breaks can also mean exercising, meditating, or even visiting your doctor for a health checkup.

#4 – Get some good sleep

This is a simple tip that can’t be overlooked. A healthy brain which gets enough rest will be able to absorb new information more efficiently, and this naturally makes us more productive. Having an appropriately regulated sleep pattern is essential for the brain’s proper functioning, while sleep deprivation results in lower productivity and worse performance.

#5 – Finish one task before switching to another

While some small tasks can be knocked over almost instantly, your productivity will be badly affected if they start to pile up. Who is guilty of starting many tasks and switching between them? If so, stop – as this habit is the opposite of effective. For maximum productivity, pay your full attention toward each task, and knock it over before jumping into another task.

Takeaway Points 

The major factor if you would like to improve your productivity is the ability to set priorities. Only intentional decisions  – such as paying our full attention to the task at hand, and resisting distractions – digital and otherwise, will boost our productivity level.

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