Summer Fashion Trends 2023 You Need To Know

summer fashion trends 2023

SUMMER FASHION TRENDS 2023: In an article for ‘The Cut’ magazine earlier this year, Allison P. Davis predicted that a vibe shift is coming to fashion. Looking at this summer’s trends, it seems Davis wasn’t wrong.

While a few trends are set to roll over from spring to summer, the season of sunshine is going to be memorable. Here’s the 2 biggest ways you can update your personal style for summer 2023.

summer trends 2023 beach

Summer Fashion Trends 2023 #1 – Cut-Outs And Cover-Ups

According to Elle, cut-out dresses are one of the biggest trends for summer in 2023 and beyond. While not exactly new, they’re going to play a more front and centre role as fashion items in their own right.

Black is undoubtedly the ‘safest’ colour, but an all-white dress will always look luxe. If you’re looking to make a statement, bold colours and neon are the trend-friendly way to go.

Neutrals, which provided a sense of down-to-earth comfort over the last couple of years are still big, but there’s a move toward a new mood of creativity and playfulness via bright colours and prints.

Days at the pool or the beach are what we all look forward to the most in summer, which is where another trend predicted by Elle is set to become embedded.

Several brands have launched matching swim cover-ups that go beyond the usual sarong. Kaftans, kimonos, and lightweight printed shrugs are the perfect way to beat the heat and they pair perfectly with bikinis.

This is great news for anyone not keen on flashing so much skin, as bikinis often unintentionally become a statement piece or focal point of swimwear. Now, a stylish cover up can take the lead and you’ll be hitting one of the biggest trends at the same time.

summer fashion trends 2023

Summer Fashion Trends #2 – Nostalgia Now

Nostalgia is a huge mood for summer, and Y2K fashion is back – with a modern twist. Cute baby tees, shiny puffer jackets and pants and baguette bags are in again. Colourful pleated skirts, tie front tops, velour tracksuits, double denim, bandanas, translucent or sheer fabrics, and butterfly hair clips are making a comeback too.

In case you were thinking that nostalgia only went back 20 years or so, catsuits were big in the 1960s and 70s and made brief appearances in the 1990s. These too are back with a vengeance this summer, especially if they’re bright and patterned.

Stylecaster has gone as far as to declare 2022 the year of the catsuit. Think Kylie Jenner and you have the visuals down-pat.

Crochet is another 70’s trend that is making its presence felt, and you’ll see it in popping up in various forms, from bags and hats to dresses. Check out 1st Dibs or search for quality vintage retailers on Instagram such as Dollyup Vintage, to add some of the best pieces from this era to your wardrobe.

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