How to Layer Clothes In Cooler Months Like a Pro

how to layer clothes
You know it’s time to learn how to layer clothes when you step outside in the morning and feel frozen, only to notice a couple of hours later that you are boiling under your thick sweater and you are cursing yourself because you didn’t bring anything lighter. If this sounds familiar, read on!

Layering clothes isn’t just the perfect way to stay cool or warm at all times, it’s also a stylish form of dressing that will make you look like a legitimate fashionista. But like most things, there is a right and wrong way to go about layering your outfits. Here are several key layering tricks that will help you stay comfortable and chic at the same time. 

How to layer clothes like a true fashionista

how to layer clothes olivia palermo

#1 – Use leather to add extra warmth

Olivia Palermo (pictured above) can’t be wrong, so take a leaf out of her book and add a layer of leather to any cool weather outfit. Black leather goes with everything, so it’s the safest option to invest in. Leather items such as blazers or vests will keep you warm and are a convenient way to vamp up your look.

#2 – How to layer clothes – just think 90s 

Maybe you thought that looping a sweater around your shoulders is the signature move of preppy golfers or rich mothers who play tennis, but the reality is completely different. Throwing a jumper around your shoulders is a great solution if you’re wondering how to layer clothes such as knitwear. Not only does it free up your hands of having to hold items when it gets warm, you’ll look more elegant and stylish at all other times. A win-win situation. 

#3 – Layer clothes AND accessories

In addition to layering actual items of clothing, accessories are also great for layering, so try out this tip. You can combine necklaces, bracelets, scarves – anything you like really, to add interest and depth. Combining accessories will also help you breathe new life into your old pieces and help you feel refreshed once again. If it is time to buy new pieces, check out this selection of jewelry that is perfect for layering. 

#4 – Say howdy to tucking jeans into boots

Once reserved only for cowboys, these days tucking your jeans into your boots is perfectly acceptable even in urban environments! Think of those days when the rain won’t stop pouring and the hems of your jeans look like they’ve been dragged through the mud. In these situations, just tuck your jeans into leather knee-high boots.

To stay chic, this is best done with skinny jeans, but if you’re feeling a country vibe, then a standard pair of jeans can also work. Plus, this trick will add an extra layer of warmth to your legs. 

how to layer clothes black turtleneck

#5 – Invest in a black roll-neck 

One of the must-have pieces for any stylish wardrobe, and an essential tool for layering, is definitely a black roll-neck jumper. Just think Audrey Hepburn. A black roll neck jumper goes under anything from blazers to dresses, and they’re perfect with any kind of pant, skirt or jeans. This layering staple will keep you warm during extremely cold days while looking effortlessly stylish at the same time.

#6 – Combine a jacket with a top coat

Friends in the northern hemisphere are often seen layering two jackets or coats at once. This may seem extreme, but it can create a powerful look while keeping you toasty warm. When out and about, consider adding a larger-sized winter coat over the top of a blazer. 

For the ultimate power move, team a coat and blazer in the same colour, or you can go in the other direction and combine contrasting colours. Also, if you prefer wearing printed shirts, just make sure to pair it with a plain-coloured coat or blazer. 

#7 – Take your bedding with you

While we all dream about leaving the house with our blanket still attached to us on those gloomy, freezing days, sadly, this is not yet socially acceptable and you will receive some weird looks on the street. But luckily, there are some close options such as a blanket scarf or poncho, which you can swaddle yourself in anywhere you want. 

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