15 Things High Value Women Always Do

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Are you a high value woman? What IS a high value woman, and what are their traits and habits? If you aspire to exist in the pointy end of life, read on for my take on the 15 things high value women do differently!

According to the internet, you could be mistaken for thinking that the term “high value woman” relates mainly to positioning yourself to find a husband. As the narrative goes, to land the man of your dreams, you must present yourself (not necessarily become) a woman who looks like a lady, thinks like a man, exudes confidence and charisma, all while retaining a fierce feminine energy. Voila.

But there’s a lot more to be said about the importance of creating your true higher-value irrespective of dating, relationships, and a singular stated goal such as getting a guy. Why? Because the high-value mindset is worth embedding so that it’s a total way of life!

‘High value’ women have interests and are interested. They push themselves outside the fattest part of the bell curve, differentiating themselves from the majority.

Genuinely building yourself to be higher value, therefore could never be ‘just for the sake of it’, to show off, or try and obtain anything. To the contrary, a high-value person not only HAS a value (and realises it), they seek to increase that value daily, by developing the whole package that is them. In other words, they strive to grow what they can offer to others.

What are you offering? A person’s offering relates to what you know, how you contribute, and how you influence and interact with your social circle, your family, your work colleagues, your love interests and society in general.

In simple terms, pursuing a ‘high value life’ is really about becoming a well-rounded person that brings value to the lives of people around them.

And given that we attract what we are ourselves, this is the path to a more fulfilling, interesting, elevated and upgraded existence.

This post is a round-up of some of the habits and traits of women you could call high value. A high value woman could mean a person who gives a lot back to society, or who manages a large family. Or perhaps she’s one who is financially independent, self-made, and financially well-off.

By way of disclaimer, ‘high value’ is of course, a subjective term. Your definition of ‘high value’ may be different to mine, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! Here, I’m talking about ‘high value’ as a term for someone who has worked to offer more than most. She may be perceived as ‘different’, and she’s certainly not cookie-cutter basic.

Habits of high value women

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#1 – They have well-rounded knowledge

Committed to reading-up on a swathe of topics – topical, philosophical, and historical, high value women can bring something to ANY conversation.

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