Autumn Racing Fashion: All The Inspiration You Need For 2023

what to wear to autumn races

AUTUMN RACING FASHION: The Autumn Races are nearly here, and that means it’s high time to work out what you are going to wear!

If you’re looking for some tips and inspiration, keep reading. We’ve compiled the best tips and pics to help you look picture perfect for the carnival.

One – Dress modestly. Cover up with a sleek blazer, a tailored jacket or a long sleeved dress. The Autumn racing carnival isn’t the place to show off your latest barely-there dress or see-through pants outfit.

Two – Don’t shy away from Embrace statement accessories such as gloves and clutches, and of course, headwear. When you’re considering  Autumn racing fashion and what to wear, remember that it’s a great opportunity to showcase your personal style through the use of accessories.

Three – If you’re wearing a skirt or dress keep the hemline around the knee or just below. If you’ve opted for a suit, try a long and slightly flared leg to for a look that’s stylish and streamlined.

Four – Luxe fabrics are always in – think wool, fine leather and lace. Avoid cheap fabrics, and anything that clings or bunches.

Five – Autumn shades are a must. From on-trend neutrals to nude, rusted coppers, organic greens and of course – black. Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to wear all colours (even those thought to be ‘summer’ colours such as pink, blue and white), err to the side of muted versions of these if you can.

Six – Headwear is the crux of your  look. Like your outfit, luxe fabrics are a great choice. A felt cloche or a trilby will always look stylish, alternatively, go for a 70’s style hat with a strong brim for a very on trend look. If a hat feels too much, a simple fascinator with a lace veil is a  light and mysteriously feminine alternative.

Tips: If you haven’t figured out what accessories to choose to match your outfit, custom patches are another option. Customise the patches with your choice of clothing hues, patterns, or some racing elements, so you can make your outfit fit your personality and attitude perfectly. Patches can express the attitude you want to show, and they can be used to reflect your appreciation for Autumn racing carnival style.

Seven – When it comes to footwear closed-toe heels are the best choice, although you can get away with an open toe heeled sandal if you prefer. Think patents and suede to complement the season.

Eight – Nothing is less fashionable than hurling into a bush or stumbling home with your heels in your hand after the races, so drink your bubbly in moderation, and as always – gamble responsibly!

Get all the inspiration you need for Autumn Racing Fashion in our inspiration gallery below!

autumn racing fashion 2023

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