How To Wear Activewear In Everyday Life & Stay Classy

How To Wear Activewear In Everyday Life
If you’re wondering how to wear activewear so you never have to take it off, here are some top tips on how to wear your workout clothes in everyday life and still look classy. Let’s get to it!

We all like to blend comfort and fashion and still look stylish. Once upon a time comfort dressing was restricted to bedtime and lazy weekends, but these days, thanks to the rise of the active wear movement, it’s much more socially acceptable to wear our activewear as outerwear, 24/7.

But, despite the sartorial shifting of the goal posts, it’s not a complete fashion free-for-all. There’s a few guidelines to follow if you want to wear activewear in everyday life the right way.

Keep reading to learn how to wear activewear in everyday life, and stay classy!

how to wear activewear

#1 – Follow the trends, but stay true to your style

Wearing the latest and greatest fitness outfit and footwear wasn’t so much of a thing a few years ago — you could wear mismatched socks, baggy leggings and last decade’s runners, and no one battered an eyelid.

But now, fashion and fitness have well and truly melded together, and it’s a look that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon. When you’re trying to combine these two clothing styles together, it’s important that you adhere to the following: 1) don’t get too carried away with the latest and greatest and wear something just because it’s trending 2) always remember your personal style 3) only choose the pieces that suit you and make you feel amazing.

#2 – How to wear activewear 24/7 – by investing in fashion and function pieces

When you’re in a rush it’s easy to just grab the first thing from your wardrobe and head out the door without looking. But this will only mean you’ll get to the gym or elsewhere and hate what you’re wearing.

You can avoid this common issue when you invest in good-quality brands to begin with. You don’t have to break the bank to get a decent and impressive collection that you can wear anywhere seven days a week. Try combining a dress with trending sneakers or throw on a windbreaker jacket over a pair of jeans. 

#3 – Incorporate your every day style into your sporty style 

You don’t want to throw your own personal style right out the window every time you wear workout clothes. It will feel strange when suddenly your sportswear is hot pink while your usual style is cool neutrals. These days we are spoilt for choice when it comes to activewear, so look out for pieces that maintain your style in an effortless way.

How To Wear Activewear In Everyday Life

#4 – Splash accessories where necessary! 

If you’re wondering how to wear activewear so it looks like a completely normal outfit, you can elevate your gym clothing and footwear so that it looks like trending fashion with the right accessories.

“It only takes one piece to take your athleisure look from gym to the street,” says Rob Zangardi, a stylist who works with Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. Pick  elegant engagement rings and other classy accessory items if you want to dress up your gym attire and look luxe.

#5 – Avoid a worn-out outfit 

The distinction between sportswear and worn out clothing is clear – make sure that your workout outfits and general wardrobe clothes are always in good condition. When you’re wearing a sporty outfit out in general public this is especially necessary!

#6 – Do you! Don’t be trapped in the trend

While you may want to keep up with the latest trends, you mightn’t feel so confident in a particular item. This is where you need to do you! If you’re uncomfortable with tiny cop tops, why not opt for a more modest cropped over-size T-shirt or a longer tank top? Remember, you can take a trend as far as you are comfortable. 

#7 – Dress appropriately and for the occasion

We all want to look presentable anywhere, any day. For starters, ensure your leggings and other workout wear items aren’t see-through. Try them out at home under various lighting conditions to detect whether there’s any risk you’ll be flaunting more than you’re willing to display, especially when you bend.  

How To Wear Activewear In Everyday Life

#8 – Pick comfortable and durable materials

While there’s no shortage of aesthetically-pleasing activewear choices out there, for real exercise, you want to pick comfortable and breathable activewear made from synthetic materials.

Clothing made from the right materials, such as polypropylene, supplex®, and coolmax® fabrics are excellent choices for exercise and other outdoor activities as they allow your sweat to evaporate quickly, leaving you fresh. In essence, it’s better for a gym-to-real-life transition if the material is stretchy, light, and breathable. 

You might want to avoid fabrics made from plastic or rubber-based materials that don’t breathe. These fabrics will stick the sweat to your body, leaving you uncomfortable – and possibly smelly, during and after exercise.

How To Wear Activewear In Everyday Life

#9 – Be neutral

If you’re not sure about wearing workout wear as outerwear, or you feel that you won’t look classy, or maybe there’s a risk of looking too colourful and jarring when you’re outside, your safest bet is to begin with plain cool colours like grey, black, or neutrals, or some darker geometric prints. You can become more adventurous with flashy colours as you get more comfortable. 

While brightly patterned leggings may suit the gym, they may be awkward elsewhere. For everyday transitioning, select monochromatic palettes, sophisticated, and grown-up neutrals to keep the overall aura stylish.

#10 – Coordination is key 

One reason why many people are pressured to change their workout ensemble is the lack of coordination. When you’re wearing a green crop top, blue leggings, and red sneakers, that’s a difficult look to pull off successfully, no matter how much confidence you have!

One rule for creating a stylish look in an exercise outfit is to coordinate the colours, preferably in an all dark colour-way. This is more likely to create an elegant vibe that you can dress up with a jewellery accessory or two and a handbag.

#11 – Keep a Spare

Changing footwear doesn’t mean it has to be high-heels. After your workout session, why not change out of your performance runners into more of a lifestyle sneaker, or even into a pair of slides. No matter how comfortable and stylish your workout wear is, it can easily skew to  sloppy if you’re not careful.

Final thoughts

There’s plenty of outfit inspiration available if you’re looking at how to wear workout wear in every day life. Stick to the trends, but make sure to wear them in a way that suits you. Don’t forget to elevate your fitness outfit to fashion with the right accessories and sleek jewellery.

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