What To Wear On A Date In Winter!

‘What to wear on a date’ surely ranks as one of the most heavily considered questions we females have to face…

So you’ve found yourself in the dating game. Ta-da! Don’t get down, get inspired – not only to find the man of your dreams, but whip up some great new winter outfits in the process!

Take this period in your life as an opportunity to expand your horizons – both on the inter-personal level, AND in terms of your own personal development (which includes your clothing and appearance.)

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Relationship breakdown does call for a fair amount of introspection to truly decide what you desire in life. Whilst at times it may be painful, it can also be super exciting if you gear yourself toward the future, with a focus on personal growth and development.

It is out with the old, and in with the new – it’s time to level-up and make the most of what there is on offer.

No matter if you’re new to the “scene”, or you’re a seasoned dater, figuring out what to wear on a date is never easy. Since our style says so much about us without having to speak, it’s critical we make the right impression, whilst being careful not try and be something we’re not – or sell ourselves short.

Naturally, finding what to wear on a date is a lot easier in the balmy warmer months when a cute summery dress and pair of sandals can transport us from couch-potato to desirable goddess in an easy 30 minutes. 

The cooler months, which present the necessity to look the part while not freeze to death, throw us a couple of extra curve-balls to be sure. But – where there’s a will, there’s a way, and there’s plenty of outfit inspiration at our fingertips.

Here we gather some flattering and approachable cool-weather outfits that are perfect for all manner of winter dating shenanigans.

From the casual coffee date, to a fine-dining degustation, we have rounded up all the inspiration you need to decide what to wear on a date in Winter.

#1 – The Coffee Date

Classic cut jeans and a relaxed jumper are the perfect combo for a coffee date in winter. This look is saved from looking too basic thanks to a white jean, a sneaky little heel and a beautiful classic handbag.

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