5 Steps To Sleeping Like A Baby

It is a horror experienced by most of us at one time or another. Laying in bed, watching the time tick past, knowing that soon it’ll time to be up we will have to face another sleep-deprived day. A poor quality or quantity of sleep affects every aspect of our lives and can impact our ability to function and even shorten our lifespan.

Our bodies are hardwired for sleep through our internal circadian clock. When running normally, this ‘clock’ will tell our bodies when to sleep and when to wake up.

A number of things can throw off the delicate balance of that process. The demands of a new baby, working night shifts, or flying between time zones can result in the temporary loss of the clock’s schedule.

Fortunately, getting it back on track may be simpler than you think.

Here are 5 ways to reclaim your sleep cycle and sleep like a baby!

#1 – Get naturally comfortable

Studies have indicated that fluctuations in body temperature throughout the night can impact wakefulness. Believe it or not, something as simple as the type of bedding you use can influence this effect. Natural fibres and fabrics such as cotton, goose down and silk, provide even distribution of warmth and maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Sourcing quality products from a reputable supplier, such as Bedding Co online, is a great place to begin transforming your sleep area into a comfortable, natural haven which is conducive to a sound night’s slumber.

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