Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas For Different Types of Wedding

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Wedding invitations are like the prelude to your wedding. They set the tone for the event and give guests a clue as to what to expect. It’s therefore important to make sure your wedding invitations capture the style of your big day perfectly.

For inspiration and ideas on all of the unique wedding invitation ideas for different types of weddings, keep reading!

#1 – Colour blocking

Colour blocked wedding invitations are not only trending, they’re an easy way to reflect the theme of your wedding into the invites. Opting for brightly hued wedding invites in your event’s key colours lets guests know that the wedding day will be fun and engaging.

By contrast, muted tones may indicate a more sophisticated and subdued affair. Trending colours show guests that your wedding will be modern and contemporary.

#2 – RSVP Template

If you haven’t created a personalised wedding website, then RSVP wedding templates combine form with function. Simply, they include a card or a blank space where the guests can advise of their attendance and return to the organisers. Including an RSVP section directly onto the invite makes it easier to get people to reply so you can plan the festivities accordingly. 

#3 – Mixed materials

As mentioned earlier, it’s ideal to design the invitations to match the theme of the wedding. Linen, raffia, leather, cellophane – you name it. The types of materials you can use within your unique wedding invitations are endless. Just make sure not to incorporate too many different materials at once to avoid the finished product looking confused and messy.

#4 – Incorporate the outdoors

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then find inspiration for the wedding invitation outdoors. Whether you are having a beach wedding or celebrating in a rustic setting, look for ways to incorporate the natural environment into your invites, whether by colours, fonts or materials.

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#5 – Transparent wedding templates

If you’d like to introduce contemporary styling to your wedding invitation, then opting for a transparent acrylic wedding invitation can be the way to go. With minimal lettering over the top, this wedding invite gives off a classy yet modern vibe. 

#6 – Illustrated wedding invitations

Illustrations are a great way to add a stylish and personalised vibe to your wedding invitations. Custom illustrations not only give the invitations an arty look, it also makes them special and unique.

Whether you opt for a customised picture together or some other kind of representation of your union, it’s up to you. Watercolour illustrations are a classy and fashionable style that make a nice change from traditional word-heavy invitations. 

#7 – Skip using paper

Paper is the most traditional and conventional method used for sending invitations, but you can skip using paper. These days, why not choose leather or wood in your invitations to add texture and charm. These materials are perfect for boho, rustic or more masculine types of wedding events.

#8 – Old world charm

Utilising elements that evoke old world charm will lend an elegant look to wedding invitations. Based on rich earthy tones such as copper, ruby red or navy, you can combine it with wax seals and silk ribbon. To further enhance this vibe, consider using calligraphy wedding envelopes and double-edge invitations.

#9 – Bevel the edges of the invitation

Gold bevelled edges and engraving will make the invitation look straight from a fairy tale. Using scented envelopes, stickers and wax seals on the envelopes will mesmerise your guests and set the tone for what is to follow.

#10 – Video templates

These days, wedding invitations can be sent via video, too. In 2022 this is considered a personal way to send an invitation, and invitees tend to feel more welcomed as a result. Couples can record a short video inviting their guests and then edit it on one of the many different video editors available online.

InVideo is one video editor that can be used by novices and professionals alike, and their online invitation maker tool is one of the best for making professional invitation videos yourself. It’s a very user-friendly tool with great effects that you can play around with to enhance the look and feel of your video wedding invitation.

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