What Are The Most Creative Wedding Themes In 2021?

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Choosing a creative theme for your wedding can be daunting and overwhelming. With so many tempting wedding themes to choose from, how does a couple decide which idea best suits themselves and their budget?

The theme of your wedding sets the tone, and it influences all of the aesthetic choices you’ll make to ensure that your big day is wonderfully special and magically memorable. From the moment your guests receive their wedding invites in the mail, through to the thank you notes after the day has passed, the theme you choose will trickle through all facets of the celebration, and beyond.

To help you find the perfect fit for your style, personalities and budget, here are 5 fabulous wedding theme ideas.

wedding theme ideas

#1 – Garden Theme

If you’re tying in the knot in the spring or summer months, then a garden themed wedding might be the perfect choice for you. If the entire wedding is hosted in a gorgeous outdoor setting, it’s easy to blend design elements with nature’s beauty.

Your outdoors location can be decorated with strings of romantic twinkling lights, and anything that transforms your garden into a wow factor venue that takes the party from day into night.

Use fragrant fresh flowers and plants to decorate the reception tables, and entertain your guests with a variety of fun lawn games. In such a stunning venue, there will be plenty of choices for photography backdrops. Choose an ornate flower wall, a special tree, or a striking structure like a pavilion, for your photos as a married couple.

You can also design elegant and stylish floral wedding invites that match your colour palette perfectly. If you have a favourite flower, incorporate it into your bespoke design.

#2 – Romantic Fairytale

If you’ve grown up dreaming of one day tying the knot with your beloved in a fairytale style wedding, you need to go all out romantic. The traditional romantic wedding theme is an absolute classic that perfectly complements elegantly formal and traditional weddings. This style of wedding can be a black-tie affair that oozes indulgence, elegance and romance.

Set the scene for your guests by sending them personalised wedding invites that are embellished with stunning script or calligraphy, gold foil detail and embossing. You can feature beautifully decorative flower crowns, garlands and borders on your customised invites, or pretty pastel watercolour embellishment.

Decorate your wedding ceremony and reception venue with soft hues and delicate lighting that enhance the romantic ambience. Pull out all the stops and include ornate flower arrangements on the tables and around the room. To ensure that your guests are totally comfortable, and enjoy the grand event, let them know well in advance that they will be required to dress up to the nines!

#3 – Vintage Glamour

Draw inspiration from yesteryear by getting hitched in a vintage style wedding. If you love the glamour of bygone decades, a vintage wedding theme is the perfect creative option for you. You can go retro by saying “I do” in a 50s style wedding, or opt for the timeless splendour of the Great Gatsby.

Whether you are attending the wedding as part of the bridal party or as a guest, personalised tailored made suits are a must for both men and women who want to achieve a truly glamourous and classic look.

Whatever your favourite era may be, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for décor accents at the ceremony and reception venues. You’ll also be able to channel your vintage glamour theme through your wedding dress, hair and makeup, and to invite your female guests to do the same.

A vintage glamour themed wedding deserves personalised invites that are absolutely gorgeous. You can go all out Art Deco and feature striking geometric shapes with sharp lines, or glitzy with glistening gold embossing and a touch of glittery sparkle.

#4 – Alternative Appeal

If a traditional type of wedding doesn’t fit your personalities as a couple, you can always choose a wedding theme with an alternative appeal by swapping formal traditions for modern customs that are a better fit.

There are tons of creative ideas available for a wedding that is cool and contemporary. You may love the idea of a whimsical or quirky wedding that is inspired by your personal interests, like music or movies. If so, pick out the standout elements of the creative idea that inspires you the most, and adapt them for the wedding of your dreams.

The alternative wedding theme gives you far more scope to express your originality, artistic creativity and unique quirkiness. Incorporate funky and colourful design elements in your handmade wedding invitations, and duplicate them in the decorations of your wedding and reception venues. Family and friends will embrace your alternative style, and will enjoy an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience.

#5 – Boho Chic Country Style

A boho chic wedding does away with conventionalism and traditional settings, and is much more cool and carefree. Once you’ve sent out your boho-inspired wedding invitations, focus your attention on keeping the ceremony and reception venue decorations simplistically  elegant.

Add quirky rustic details like candle filled mason jars, hanging vine garlands, and comfy cushions to promote your boho theme around the venue. In keeping with the laidback and relax vibe, opt for food trucks and drink stations over traditional catering options.

If you’d like to be a bohemian bride, follow your heart when deciding on the most appropriate style of outfit for your big day. These days there are plenty of boho style wedding outfits available that let you express your creativity.

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