What To Wear To A Beach Wedding – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re figuring out what to wear to a beach wedding, then you’ll know that this can be one of the more tricky dress codes to decipher.

There are several things to consider when getting an outfit for a wedding on the beach, and we’re here to help you come up with the PERFECT outfit!

#1 – The location

First up – it’s essential to consider the location of the beach wedding. Is it a local spot that everybody knows and loves, or is it something undiscovered off the beaten track? Is the beach even located in your country?! Is it island-style, resort-like, or something else entirely? Analysing the location of the beach wedding is the first critical step in deciding what to wear.

For example, while swimmers and a caftan might be perfect for a relaxed local affair, the same couldn’t be said for a wedding on the French Riviera.

#2 – The wedding invitation

The second biggest clue to help you decide what to wear for a beach wedding is of course, the wedding invitation. The bride and groom would have put endless thought into designing the perfect invite to set the tone for their special day, so it contains plenty of clues as to what they have planned and what they expect from their guests.

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It goes without saying, but the more flashy the invite, the more upscale the beach wedding is going to be. Don’t simply think that “beach wedding” means some sand between the toes followed by a BBQ!

And if the wedding happens to be held in a venue located adjacent to a beach (say at a resort, restaurant, or purpose-built marquee) then turn to Instagram. Searching Instagram for previous weddings held at the same location will give you several starting points to help you judge what kind of occasion it is going to be, and what sorts of outfits are appropriate. Simply search via location to bring up all the relevant photos tagged to that exact spot.

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Style tips for what to wear to a beach wedding

Simplicity is everything, especially when it comes to dressing for a beach wedding. According to Attire Project, the key to a perfect outfit is to ensure every aspect you are wearing is versatile enough to translate from beach to bar. This can be accomplished by swapping heels for a pretty flat shoe or sandal, and a slightly shorter hemline as opposed to a floor-length one.

If opting for a maxi-dress, be certain to look for light as a feather fabrics, prints or ruffles on the hem to take away from anything that looks too formal. In addition to dresses, playsuits and cropped jumpsuits are perfect for beach weddings, and they are easy to translate to the reception after ward.

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If you’re going to be out in the sun, then we’d recommend keeping the colour-code neutral and wearing warm to light tones. (Don’t forget to wear a stylish hat and plenty of sunscreen!)

However, if you feel the location is going to be lush and tropical, or at dusk, then darker colours might be appropriate. For example – if you are lucky enough to attend a Byron Bay wedding, keep the colours summery with light blues, jasmine, teal and white or cream. For a Balinese beach wedding – opt for bolder hues such as blood orange, burgundy, emerald, camel and lily. And if you’re off to Europe for a seaside wedding, then a diaphanous printed dress + feature clutch and low-heeled sandals are perfect.

And don’t forget that the best thing about finding an outfit for a beach wedding is you’re buying something for the beach – and beyond! Just about any outfit you can wear to a beach wedding is perfect for a plethora of other occasions.

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