Why A High-Quality Timepiece Is Every Stylish Woman’s Must Have


It’s possible to suffer tunnel vision at times when it comes to thinking about our personal style, focusing almost obsessively on such questions as “what denim is the most now” or “which shoes are the most me”, but the truth be told so much of our style comes across in the form of little everyday details.

Those little details such as our signature go-to earrings, our favourite belt, what nailpolish colour we always wear, and of course – our watch, relays more to the world than we might give credit for.

After all, out of all the finishing touches that go into our day-to-day look, a watch is the one which really signals style.

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In addition to helping you stick to your schedule, watches are a huge form of self-expression and they can attract more attention (and compliments!) than any other item in your wardrobe.

Sitting at brunch? There’s your watch. At a meeting? There it is again – commanding attention between you and the room. Drinks? Oh look! …your watch is always in the limelight.


Basically, having the right watch (and that doesn’t necessarily mean having the most bank account-draining status piece) is one of the easiest ways to differentiate – and elevate – your look for any occasion.

Even a simple jeans and T-shirt weekend combo will transform from sloppy to stylish in an instant with the addition of the right timepiece. And almost nothing says “boss” in a workplace environment quite like a sleekly powerful time-teller.


Further to elevating our style from a purely aesthetic perspective, a quality watch also speaks of a certain maturity through craftsmanship. It’s a symbol of tradition, history, and status. In this “disposable” day and age, let’s just say that wearing a quality timepiece is what separates the girls from the women!


So if you’re yet to invest in a quality timepiece, or perhaps you’d like to add another to your collection, what should you be looking for?

Timeless design:

If you’ll be spending a reasonable sum of money on a new watch and plan to wear it frequently, then choosing a classic and timeless design is essential. However – “timeless” needn’t mean “boring” if you know where to look.

Avoid anything gimmicky or overly trend-based, and instead opt for classic medium-sized dials, neutral colour-ways, and metallics such as brushed stainless steel to last the test of time.

Michel Herbelin – which I’m wearing here in these photos, have a range of classic and timeless designs that tick all the boxes.


If it’s a dress watch you’re after, opt for a design that features a slimmer wrist or a bracelet-style band. The right dress watch will easily two-time as an accessory or item of jewellery, so choose one that’ll co-ordinate with other signature pieces such as your engagement ring and any favourite bracelets.


2. Quality:

It should go without saying, but it’s important to keep an eye on quality when choosing a new watch. In the same way a great timepiece can elevate any look, so can a cheaply-manufactured one instantly bring down a look.

Besides appearances, definitely opt for a watch with a European movement. Brands such as Michel Herbelin are a prime example of where to find an attractive, timeless watch with a quality European movement that’s accurate and precise.


So where to shop?

For a quality watch that will be noticed and admired, we are loving the range at Michel Herbelin. An international luxury brand that is new to the Australian market, Michel Herbelin is known for combining quality Swiss craftsmanship and luxury watchmaking with unique, yet timeless French design.

A family operated brand, all Michel Herbelin watches are manufactured in the original watchmaking district, Jura in Charquemont, the Swiss/French Alps border!

Visit http://www.michelherbelin.com.au for further information and to find the perfect Michel Herbelin watch for you!


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Michel Herbelin – #MyTimelessStyle Competition: To enter successfully, readers must post a picture on Instagram of a person, item or experience that they feel captures timeless style. Alternatively, readers can repost one of the influencers’ images (Breakfast With Audrey, She Is Sarah Jane, SWIISH By Sally O and Styling You). The competition will be run through Instagram only. Four (4) different winners will be selected, one per influencer. Each winner will receive one (1) Michel Herbelin 17411/BPR19 watch. Winners will be notified by Instagram within thirty (30) days of winning. One watch will be given per physical address. This is a game of skill – entries will be judged on creativity, originality and relevance in the entered photographs and accompanying text. Chance plays no part in determining the winner. Entries must be posted to Instagram tagging @michelherbelinaustralia, #MyTimelessStyle and the @influencers social handle. Entries open at 12am AEST Thursday 6th October, 2016. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm AEST Monday 31st October, 2016. Once the competition closes, no further entries will be accepted. Entrants must be 16 years or older.

This story was brought to you in collaboration with Michel Herbelin though all opinions are my own.

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