7 Tips To Planning The Perfect Minimalist Wedding

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So you and your partner have decided that you want a minimalist wedding. The first thought that might come to mind might be applying the mindset of Marie Kondo: focus on paring down your life (or wedding, in this case) until you surround yourself with things you truly love and cherish. If this sounds ideal, it’s time to start planning where – and how – you can cut it down.

Firstly, as fun as it may sound, don’t put the cart before the horse and begin by planning your honeymoon! Instead, if you’re planning a minimalist wedding, take the time to begin planning the basics and make sure you’re both on the same page.

There are no shortage of big decisions to agree upon, with questions ranging from what the aesthetic of the wedding will be, through to what the men’s wedding band will look like. Will the ceremony be limited only to immediate friends and family, and will there be a bridal party?

Here’s a simple list of ways you can create a minimalist wedding that still feels as big of a celebration as can be

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#1 – Cut your guest list down

First and foremost, if you’re planning a minimalist wedding, don’t go overboard with your guest list. It’s easy to invite all of your family and friends, even those you’re not that close with. While you want to show everyone how much you love your partner, it can also become a bloated party rather quickly. Instead, keep the party intimate, keeping it just to bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, close family, and friends from your current life.

#2 – Keep the ceremony short

Chances are you’ll want to throw in all the stops at your ceremony, from all the songs both you and your now-spouse want to play to all the religious ceremonies your parents and grandparents want to include. But we recommend keeping it short and sweet. Include tradition that feels right and leave out everything else that feels as if it’s just taking up time.

#3 – Cut back on decorations

A common move when it comes to planning a wedding is overdoing it with decorations: A wedding planner tells you that you need everything under the sun, and soon your whole ceremony and reception are decked out in flowers, drapes, tabletop decorations, and more. Rather, keep it simple. Use decorations here and there for emphasis, all without overly relying on them.

#4 – Get outside

Want a reception that feels more natural? Don’t rent out a reception hall, instead, hold your wedding reception right in the backyard. You and your partner can enjoy familiar surroundings, allowing your friends and family to stretch out across your yard in comfort. Set up a firepit, put out some drinks and food, set up some lighting, and get a speaker system to play music. You’ll be having simple outdoor fun in no time.

#5 – Swap flowers for greenery

Flowers get expensive. While it’s beautiful to decorate your entire wedding with floral decorations, if you’re going for a minimalist mood then it’s best to keep it simpler. What does simpler look like? Greenery. Greenery tends to be cheaper than flowers, as they often consist of various trimmings that pair together well. Best of all, your wedding will still look breath taking, all without having to set aside half your budget on decorations alone.

#6 – Get your guests involved

Another simple way to minimise your wedding is to get your guests involved. This includes hiring less staff and services, using your guests as the backbone of your wedding. Now, there’s a right way and a wrong way of approaching this idea. To avoid making it into an obligation for them, instead, ask for assistance in the following ways:

  • Is there anyone who could help us prepare for our wedding?
  • We’d appreciate florals for our ceremony and reception over traditional wedding gifts!
  • Does anyone have a popular recipe they’d love to bring for the ceremony?
  • Anyone have cocktail recipes they especially love and want to share?
  • We created a Spotify and would love for guests to provide a song they want us to dance to!

Asking for food and drinks goes over best when you’re holding a backyard wedding, as it will make the reception feel more homely. Provide a theme and ask different guests to provide finger foods, salads, main dishes, sides, and desserts to supplement the cake.

#7 – Simplify, simplify, simplify

Most of all, you and your partner should inspect your plans again, and again, to ask yourselves what is necessary and what is not. Some things might be necessary to the two of you, such as songs you want to dance to and people you want to invite, but there are other things you’ll be able to cut to save on both time and money.

And remember, whatever costs you cut can be put toward a first home, or you could splurge on a more exciting honeymoon. Whatever you do, just make sure you keep what you and your partner love and care for most of all. This really is key to ensure you have a remarkable, memorable wedding.

As you can see, when it comes to planning a minimalist wedding, less can mean more. Take your time to cut down to the essentials, filling your wedding only with that which you dearly love, including people.

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