How To Pack Light: Packing Tips For A Short Trip

how to pack light
As many travellers would agree, one of the most difficult parts of travelling is what to pack! If you are going away for the weekend, then the issue becomes even bigger, given that you have to get everything into one. single. bag. But it can be done! Keep reading for all the best tips.

Even the most seasoned travellers admit to being tempted to throw in some last minute items into their luggage, which forces them to increase the number of bags they have with them, or worse – pay for excess baggage.

Whilst practice makes perfect, you CAN go on a trip with just the one bag, and you can shortcut the lessons learned to packing light.

Here are all of the best tips to follow if you’re hoping to travel with one bag – whether that’s Birkin or backpack!

how to pack light

#1 – Do You Really Need Those 10 Dresses?

Do you really need to travel with multiple versions of the same garment? Always ask yourself this question before you leave for any trip – especially a short one.

If you think you can wear an item more than once on your trip, then include it in your bag. If you think that a particular item is a one-and done, then you should probably leave it out – simple as that.  

One of the best quotes for travelling is “You can change your outfit every day, or just change your city!”. Why worry about changing your outfit when you can instead roam around multiple cities?

And as an aside, if you’ve splurged on wardrobe and are short on cash, you can always consider getting a quick bad credit loan for you to tide you over.

#2 – Lightweight Clothing 

If you are packing for an adventure holiday or a backpacking expedition, always take the fabric of your outfits into consideration. You’ll be better off packing fabrics and shirts that are made out of lightweight, non-crushable materials. Not only are these easy to stuff into a small bag, you’ll find it easy to do laundry if you need to.  

Fabrics or shirts with heavy stitching can take a lot of effort in cleaning and also take some time to dry. So, save your time and space by adding lightweight clothing to your luggage only.

#3 – Dark Coloured Clothing 

Besides the fabric type of the clothing, the colour can also have an impact on the number of days you can use it for. If you’ve taken our earlier advice and are only taking a fewer number of items with you, then it’s best you to go for dark coloured clothing over light coloured items. 

Dark colours are recommended by most travel experts because these colours don’t show any stains and are easier to clean. Once you wear them, you’ll notice you can wear them over and over again with an acceptable lived-in look.

#4 – Wear Jeans and Jacket 

If you want to take a pair of jeans and a jacket on your next trip, then the best place for these is not within the bag, but on your body. Wear your jeans and jacket when you leave for the trip. This goes for any other type of bulky item you simply need to take, such as puffer jackets, heavy boots, and so forth.


#5 – No More than Two Pair of Shoes 

No matter what type of trip you are going on, you’ll most likely want to have a pair of sneakers with you. Even if you’re planning on climbing a mountain, you won’t be travelling trails and hiking for the whole of your journey, which is why a more comfortable everyday pair of shoes is essential.

Since you’re compromising on the quantity of the shoes, make sure that the quality will see you through. You don’t want to take shoes that are falling apart, or cheap ones that you’ve never worn in before and aren’t guaranteed to be comfortable. Consider your shoe choices carefully, and you’ll have a much more pleasurable trip.

#6 – Limited Toiletries 

The beauty items and other toiletries you pack will depend on the type of journey you are headed on. Obviously if you are going to a very remote location then you may need to take more items than if you are going to a metro city. 

Consider whether you are going to stay in hotels or other similar types of places, as they will most probably provide shampoos, soaps and other essentials. Most hotels provide toothbrushes, razors and toothpaste for you as well, and using these saves valuable space in your luggage. 

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