How To Juice Cleanse The Right Way

how to juice cleanse the right way

Few things are more important in life than our health. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles, exposure to environmental toxins and free radicals, the lack of nutrient-rich produce, and general stressors can wreak havoc on our health and wellbeing. Enter juice cleansing.

You have probably heard the term ‘juice cleansing’, but what is it really? A juice cleanse means that you only consume juices from vegetables and fruits for a specified period of time, such as 3 day, 5 day or 7 day program.

Juice cleansing is thought to be an effective, natural way to support the immune system, boost hydration, reset the gut and digestive system, and increase energy and glow.

Because juice cleansing alleviates pressure on the digestive system, it can remove built up waste and toxins more effectively. Participants often report feeling lighter, brighter and more vital.

Traditionally, cleanses were adopted at every change of season. However, modern lifestyle factors such as stress, pollution and environmental toxicity mean that monthly cleanses can be a good rule of thumb.

Fiona Workman, the in-house nutritionist at Juiced Life, warns that by contrast, water fasting can be dangerous and is not recommended. She explains that juice cleanses are a gentler form of liquid fasting by supplying the macronutrients, vitamins and minerals required by the body every second of the day.

Fiona is passionate about the benefits of quality juice cleansing, reporting that it’s helped her clients enjoy more energy, clearer skin, greater mental alertness and improved weight management – all with fewer side effects compared to other forms of cleansing.

Here we delve into the benefits of juice cleansing and how to do one safely.

how to juice cleanse the right way

#1 – Juice cleansing for weight loss

Juice cleanses supply fewer kJ/calories than usual eating patterns, yet they’re tasty and satisfying enough to prevent overeating. Many customers use cleanses as a reset trigger when they have lost sight of their health goals.

As Days 3 & 4 are sometimes the hardest, a 5-7 day cleanse is more valuable once you get over the hump day. However, if you are new to juicing, Fiona recommends starting slowly with just one day at a time – mostly, it’s the psychological aspect we need to control when commencing a new regime.

#2 – Aiding digestion and gut health

Fruits and vegetables are amongst the easiest foods for our bodies to digest. Their high fibre and water content also helps activate the digestive system in a gentle way to process stubborn waste and reset the digestive tract.

Juice cleansing may also help produce higher numbers of good bacteria in the gut. A healthy gut helps fight disease, maintain a healthy weight and optimises the body’s natural detoxification process.

how to juice cleanse

#3 – Boosting beauty and radiance

The intensive nutrient boost from juice cleansing can also help you glow up in more ways than one. Regular juice cleansing helps eyes sparkle, skin to be clear and radiant, hair to shine, and skin tone to improve, and cellulite visibility is often cited as reducing, too.

#4 – Not all juices are created equal

It’s important to only consume juices that are made from the whole fruit and vegetable, retaining as much of the pulp and fibre content as possible. The quality of the juice depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the produce, the combination of ingredients and the type of juicer.

At Juiced Life, each juice locks in the goodness, using both cold-pressed and blended methods to reduce blood sugar spikes and aid digestion.

how to juice cleanse

How to get started on a juice cleanse?

We asked the experts how to get started to ensure the most success from your cleanse. Fiona recommends taking the guesswork out and instead turning to an established, tried and tested program. Selecting a program that’s been designed by nutritionists means there’s a sufficient balance of necessary nutrients and optimal health benefits.

Nutritionist-crafted cleanses are also much more likely to mean there’s a balance of flavours and interest to help keep cravings at bay – and you on track.

Leading juice companies like Juiced Life understand that everyone’s needs and lifestyles are different, so they have created a range of different juice cleanse programs to help you get started. Rest assured that there is a cleanse program to suit you. For example, Juice Cleanse options include:

5:2 Cleanse – making fasting days easier

1-7 day reboot – combining juices with healthy snacks and meals

3-7 day juice only cleanse – aiding cell rejuvenation

3 day low fructose Green Cleanse – consisting primarily of vegetables

So if you’re looking to set yourself up for success and prioritise your health – switch to doing it the natural way via a juice cleanse. Mental clarity, a spring in your step and glowing skin are just a few days away.

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  • Reply Court Williams Monday 5th September, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    I just completed Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset cleanse/ detox. It was so hard! But I’m glad I did it. Highly doubt I will do it again – though – I realised I love coffee and sugar too much.

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