How Can You Make Shoes More Comfortable? Top 7 Tips

how to make shoes more comfortable

Shoes might feel comfy in the store, but when they’re on your feet for eight hours, they don’t feel so good anymore. After buying new shoes, there’s some things you can do to make them more comfortable, so they’ll feel great whenever you wear them.

Whether you’re on your feet all day for work or for pleasure, finding and wearing the right shoes is crucial. The problem is, finding shoes that are comfortable isn’t as easy as it seems. Keep reading for 7 top tips to overcome this common problem!

#1 – Look Into Additional Support

Shoes often don’t provide enough support. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look for shoes that offer more support if your feet are sore after being on them all day, and it’s even more important to look into supportive shoes if you have any medical concerns like plantar fasciitis. The additional support will keep you more comfortable for longer. ECCO shoes & sandals have gained a reputation for addressing this challenge with their innovative designs and focus on both style and comfort.

#2 – Choose the Right Size

Shoes that are too small aren’t going to be comfy no matter what you do. The same goes for shoes that are too big. Even if you’re planning on buying shoes online, measure your feet correctly before making a purchase. A shoe that fits correctly is going to be far more comfortable in the long run and will help you stay on your feet longer.

#3 – Break Them In

Shoes need to be broken in before they’re worn for the first time. Putting on brand new shoes and heading to work will likely mean you end up with blisters and foot pain before lunch.

Instead, wear the shoes for a few hours once or twice at home to break them in faster. Use a band-aid on the heel if needed to help prevent blisters from forming before the shoes are broken in. Once the shoes are broken in, they’ll be a lot more comfortable to wear and will be ready to wear to work.

#4 – Stretch Them Out

Have you tried shoe stretchers? These can be a great way to stretch out slightly-too-tight shoes before wearing them, so they fit better. Shoe stretchers for women can not only help shoes fit better, it also makes them much more comfortable. While this isn’t a perfect solution, since the shoes will still need to conform to your foot, it can help speed up the breaking-in process.

#5 – Try Inserts

How your foot is shaped when you’re walking can have an impact on how your feet feel by the end of the day. No matter how cushioned shoes are, they might not be right for your feet.

Inserts are available via prescriptions or over the counter to help make sure the sole of the shoe fits you exactly. Try out different inserts or work with a podiatrist to find one that fits properly. Then, your shoes will end up feeling a lot more comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

#6 – Add Heel Grips

Some shoes have a pointed heel or might not fit quite right, so it’s easy to slip in and out of them while walking. Heel grips are a specific type of insert designed to go within the inside heel of the shoe.

A heel grip fills in this space, keeping the shoes securely on your feet, so they don’t move around and end up causing blisters or other issues. Try out heel grips for shoes that fit width-wise but might be slightly too long, even if they’re the correct size.

#7 – Consider New Socks

Moisture trapped inside shoes near the feet can lead to a host of medical issues on top of foot pain. Using the right socks can help keep the feet dry, minimising the potential for any of these problems.

Try moisture-wicking socks and assess if this helps with the problems you’re having. If the shoes don’t breathe well enough, these socks can make a big difference in your comfort at the end of a long day.

Buying new shoes doesn’t have to mean struggling to find the right pair. If you’ve fallen in love with a pair of shoes, but they just aren’t as comfortable as you’d hoped, the tips here can help.

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