7 Steps To Planning A Much-Needed Dream Holiday

planning a dream holiday 2022
Ready for a much-needed getaway? If you’re a little baffled about what you need to do to go on holiday in 2022, here’s a refresher of everything you need to consider!

Thanks to COVID-19, the last two years have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for most people. A whirlwind of emotions, massive upheavals, and unpredictability – all in one go. Now that the world is returning to a new normal state and countries start to open their borders again, it’s time to start thinking of our next adventure.

Here we’ve compiled a checklist of seven steps to get you on your dream holiday in no time. So what are you waiting for? Dust off your passport, and let’s get started!

#1 – Pick a Travel Buddy

For most people, a dream holiday means you’ll need someone great to go with. Therefore, the first step on your dream holiday checklist is to pick the perfect travel buddy.

Whether it’s your favourite parent, your partner, sibling, or cousin, as long as the two of you get along, understand each other, and are willing to have the best time on this holiday trip, you’re all set to travel together.

#2 – Do Your Research

No trip will be a dream one without proper research. So the next step on this checklist is to conduct your “due diligence” about your destination.

Even if you plan to travel domestically, do not overlook a bit of research! Check out reviews of accommodation, hospitality venues, tour operators and so forth. You may also want to look at what medical services are available as well as what type of weather is predicted down the line of your stay. 

how to plan a dream holiday in 2022

#3 – Complete Your Paperwork

Since the “new normal”, international travellers are subjected to a slew of new standard procedures covering visas and medical obligations which need to be fulfilled to travel. Therefore, the third step is to get your documentation and formalities in order.

(You may want to do this as a first step to save yourself from possible disappointment if you decide on a destination only to be met with mountains of paperwork and red-tape later.)

#4 – Set Up Finance & Security

Two more factors go hand in hand with safety and well-being: finance and security. If you want to have a dream holiday without worry or stressful circumstances, it’s always wise to get travel insurance and have some cash put aside as a back-up.

However, if the pandemic has seen you out of a job and you still want to have some spare cash with you, you may want to look at loans for the unemployed. Insurance and a little extra cash serve as a precaution and will come in handy if an emergency arises while you’re away.

#5 – Finalise Your Bookings

With all of your careful planning in place, now is the time you finalise your bookings. For a hassle-free dream holiday, everything should be pre-booked, from accommodation to flight tickets, and even a good portion of dinner reservations. Your dreams of enjoying world-class degustation with a fairytale view can too quickly turn into a sandwich and fries in your hotel room if you don’t think ahead.

This means that when you arrive, you don’t waste any precious time wondering where you’re going to sleep or how you’re going to get to the next place, and so on. Moreover, pre-bookings are always a great way to access discounts. 

#6 – Start Packing

Packing for a holiday is always tricky, and you can check out how to pack light for a trip for all the tips you need to know. In essence, don’t over-pack, and try to take items that will be used more than once. By keeping your packing light, you’ll move around on your travels so much more easily and also, there’s less stuff you can lose!  

#7 – Sleep Early the Night before Your Departure

Finally, the time has arrived – you have your flight in the morning, and you’re a more than excited. A little travel anxiety is a given, but doesn’t lose sleep over it unless you want to waste a day of your trip being jet-lagged!

The best way to prepare for an upcoming flight is to meditate, relax and go to bed early the night before. This will help you wake up fresh and ready for your departure, with less time wasted recovering on arrival. 

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