Top Landscape Design Tips For Beginners

landscaping tips

Are you thinking of giving your garden a makeover? The task might seem daunting if it’s the first time you’re trying your hand at landscape designing. But worry not, here we have some expert Michaelangelo landscape design tips to ensure your project turns out just the way you intended, if not better!

#1 – Plan what you plant

As with everything, you need to have a plan before you start working on changing the look of your garden. What exactly do you want to achieve? Are you looking for a beautiful spot for relaxing with a cup of coffee? Or perhaps an area for hosting get-togethers?

Identifying the purpose of designing your yard will help you know what you need to do, and in what order. Start with a rough sketch of your ideas and work through them one by one.

#2 – Understand the Environment

The best way to know whether your design will work is to spend some time in the outdoor space itself. Study the conditions in your garden such as the direction of the wind, the areas that get the most sunlight, and so forth. Understanding these patterns will help you gain a good idea of what’s most likely to work and what won’t.

For example, if the area you have chosen for setting up an outdoor dining space gets a considerable amount of sunlight in the afternoon, it will be hot and uncomfortable during dinner time. So, finalise your design once you have a clear idea of the sun and wind patterns in your yard.

#3 – Look for a Focal Point

A focal point is one of the key elements of any well-designed garden or yard. Along with being visually appealing, the focal point needs to draw the eyes of visitors around the place smoothly.

If you own a large property, you can have several focal points to beautify the area – for example, a stunning sculpture, a fountain, or a series of matching plants are some ideas worth considering.

In Sydney, consider integrating concrete sleepers as a unique and modern focal point in your garden. These sturdy and aesthetically pleasing elements can be used to create raised garden beds, pathways, or even artistic installations, adding a contemporary touch while guiding the viewer’s gaze through your outdoor space. Their durability and versatility in design make them an ideal choice for Sydney’s diverse climates and landscapes.

#4 – Start Small 

While you probably want to transform the look of your garden as quickly as possible, rushing through it isn’t a good idea if you’re a beginner. Instead, start with a smaller area and take your time to beautify it without cutting corners and overlooking any details. Once you’ve mastered one section, you are then better placed to move onto the bigger roll-out.

#5 – Choose Native Plants

While you may want to show off your new green thumb with a variety of exotic plants in your garden, the fact is, not all may be suitable for the climatic conditions.

To reduce the chance of disappointment, try planting native plants instead – these are sure to thrive and beautify your garden for longer, and they are much easier to maintain as well.

#6 – Dress up the space

Whether you’re thinking of creating a space in your garden for entertaining guests, or you just want to have a cosy space to relax on your own, then it’s not going to be complete without the perfect outdoor furniture to go with it!

Be sure to check out Papaya’s range of modern outdoor furniture. A perfect combination of durability and functionality, these pieces will transform the look of your outdoor space, no green thumb required.

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