6 Tips for Planning Last-Minute Holidays


We all need a break from from time to time. People often plan their perfect holiday weeks and months in advance to make sure they can enjoy their time away. But sometimes, you just want to be spontaneous and go on a last-minute vacation to get away from everything and recharge!

If you’re not used to planning last-minute holidays, you may wonder how some people manage to do it without getting in a stress over the whole thing. But we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s all the top tips for planning the perfect holiday at the last minute


#1 – Budgeting

The most important thing you need to consider for planning holidays whether last minute or not, is your budget. Simply compare how much money you have in your account and how much you want to spend.

Naturally a higher budget means you can splurge on a more luxurious break, but you can still have a great time on a limited budget.

Many of us have champagne tastes but with beer budgets. You want to experience a luxurious trip but you don’t have the means to pay for it. In this case, you might want to apply for a personal loan. The good thing about personal loans is that getting a loan funded with a bad credit rating is possible. With certain lenders, you can get them approved within 24 hours.

#2 – Destination and Dates

Once you have understood how much you can spend, the next step is determining where you want to go and when. Sadly, some destinations will be over your budget no matter what time of year you visit.

But, if you’re flexible with dates and destinations, you can spend far less and still have a great time. Keep 3-4 locations in mind and pick the ones that offer the most bang for their buck.


#3 – Mode of Travel

Depending on where you plan to go, different modes of travel will be available. Generally, for far-flung destinations, flying is necessary. But of course, flights don’t always come cheap. If you find that the prices of flights are prohibitive, then consider a road trip instead. 

#4 – Locate Discounts and Offers

If you’re not going on a holiday at peak time, you may be able to find special discounts and offers on travel packages. Check comparison travel websites and sign up to newsletters to be the first to hear of any amazing deals. 

#5 – Find the Ideal Hotel

Once you have your flights reserved, the next step is finding the perfect accommodation. The perfect hotel mightn’t mean a luxurious one, especially on a last-minute vacation.

When you’re travelling, you don’t tend to spend much time in the hotel anyway. Just make sure it is well located, clean and comfortable and you should be set.

If you’re going away for longer , look for places to stay that are close to popular tourist spots so that you don’t have to waste time and money travelling too far from the hotel every time you want to do something. If you’re going away for just a short break, then choose a hotel that’s close to the airport.

#6 – Packing Your Bags

Packing your bags is probably the most challenging part of planning last-minute holidays! If you won’t be gone for long, you don’t need to take your whole wardrobe, but there are always a slew of essentials you just can’t live without, which bulk up quickly.

Before you pack your bags, create a list of all the essential things you need such as clothes, passports, licenses, ID cards, backup money, etc. Once you’re done making a list, review it once more and cross off any items that you actually can afford to leave behind.

For bulky skincare and toiletries, decant amounts into small sized empty makeup jars and bottles and pack them together in a zip lock bag to prevent leakage.

Even if you are planning on a longer trip, it’s a good idea to try and travel light anyway. There really is nothing worse than being bogged down with multiple suitcases and carry on luggage when navigating foreign places. 

#7 – Be Prepared

Planning a last-minute holiday often has a lot of stress involved. You’ll need to make sure all of the right arrangements are in place in a much shorter time than you would usually have to plan everything out. It’s worth having a couple of extra preparations up your sleeve for anything that could go wrong or you could overlook.

For example, you may want to book flexible flights and accommodation so you can change or cancel if need be, take out travel insurance in case of any unforeseen mishaps, and organise things like Amsterdam luggage storage if you’ll be spending the day on a lay-over somewhere.

While it may seem like making these extra preparations is too time-consuming, especially if the holiday is around the corner – it’ll be worth it. You’ll travel with peace of mind knowing that you won’t have any last-minute stress or hassle to go through.

Final Thoughts

Planning last-minute holidays can be stressful if you don’t take them often. Following the tips we’ve covered in this article will go a long way to making the process as pain-free as possible. In the end, whether it is a long-planned or a last-minute holiday, vacations are all about having fun and seeing something new – enjoy!

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