What to Put on Your 2022 Getaway Bucket List

Most of us have a travel bucket list – they catalogue all the dream places we want to visit, whilst providing inspiration on the days you really need it.

As these dreamy locations prove, we don’t need to endure a 24-hour flight to relax and see some beauty, these getaway spots are just a short flight away. Each location below is ideal for solo, couple and family travel so that everyone can get in on the action. 

If you’re excited by the prospect of international travel opening up, then this article will provide inspiration of some suggested spots for your post-pandemic getaway bucket list.

#1 – Island dreaming

Any good travel list should have Fiji holidays pretty close to the top of that list. Fiji is beyond picturesque and it’s the perfect place to just to kick back and unwind – cocktail not optional!

It might just look like white-sand beaches and luxe accommodation, but you can actually fill your day up with a bunch of activities both on or off the island. You also have the option of staying in both luxury or affordable hotels depending on the proximity to the water.

Another great island getaway for your bucket list has to be the Whitsundays. Here you will have access to so many other islands (like Hayman Island) and you can enjoy all the water sport and bar-hopping that your heart desires.

Definitely bring that beach paperback you have been itching to read, but also bring some activewear as there are a plethora of places and activities to keep you busy.

#2 – Stunning views

If we had to choose one of the destinations we loved solely off the views – then Queenstown would be a serious contender. Queenstown is a hot wedding spot for a reason, as you can choose the backdrop you want and lean into that rustic vibe and cool climate.

While you are in New Zealand, you might as well enjoy some New Zealand winery tours, too. But be sure to book activities well in advance, as New Zealand has been named the number one most preferred holiday spot for visitors from countries like China.

It may take a little longer to plan, but it’s certainly worth it when you visit Nepal. The Nepalese culture brought yoga to our lives, and the country could be described as a zen environment with a friendly population.

Nepal has some of the best views in the world, with the Himalayas cutting between Kathmandu and Pokhara, which makes watching the sunrise and set so much more beautiful. Depending on where you choose to stay, you might even get glimpses of Everest in all its glory.

#3 – Back in nature

Few places offer such a close-up view of the elements and wildlife as the Northern Territory. Home to some of the best national parks in the world (and definitely the best in Australia), Northern Territory has it all. Kakadu National Park, Uluru and Litchfield National Park are great places to start.

You can book a travel package that will get you to the Northern Territory and transport to the parks themselves, with an option to add on accommodation. Resist the urge to camp in Northern Territory, as the harsh climate and diverse wildlife might just make that an extreme sport you didn’t plan for!

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