Add To Bucketlist: Rhodes, The Greek Islands. 5 Reasons To Visit

things to do in rhodes greece

Nestled in the Aegean Sea, you will find the beautiful Island of Rhodes. Boasting some of Europe’s best beaches, along with a rich history and culture, it’s one of those must-visit places everyone should experience at least once.

Whether you’re looking for spots to add to your ultimate European travel itinerary, or just want to escape for a relaxing holiday, Rhodes has it all.

Reachable by ferry from Athens, and connected to several main hubs around Greece, the trip to Rhodes from Athens lasts approximately 16 hours. Although the journey may seem long, it is totally worth it.

The luxury villas are one of the most popular attractions on Rhodes with over 800 properties available to rent ranging from small studios to big mansions. Combined with stunning scenery and delicious cuisine, Rhodes is the perfect place to have fun during summer.

Keep reading to discover 5 reasons you should add Rhodes to your travel bucket-list!

things to do in rhodes greece beaches

#1 – The amazing beaches

Rhodes has some of the best beaches in Europe, with Anthony Quinn bay, Faliraki beach and St Paul’s beach being some of the best sand beaches on the island. The beaches on Rhodes are a tourist favourite and they offer amenities such as umbrellas and chair rentals for sunbaking.

Ferry trips are also popular since as they come and go near bars close to the beaches and offer activities such as scuba diving. If you are looking to absorb some history, you’ll find many hidden beaches as well as ancient ruins if you get out and about to explore the island. If you do want to travel around the Island, there are car and bus services that make your experience easier.

#2 – The rich history

Rhodes is full of history no matter whereabouts on the island you go. The history of this island goes way back to ancient mythology when the Knights of St John and the Turkish occupation changed and remodelled the island. If you find yourself on Rhodes and are looking to absorb some of its history, then some important must-see things to visit include Ancient Lalysos, Ancient Kamiros, the Acropolis of Lindos, and the medieval city of Rhodes.

#3 – The nightlife

If you enjoy parties and vibrant nightlife then Rhodes is definitely the island for you. The island has many nightclubs and bars, and the centre of the scene in Rhodes is Rhodes Town. The nightlife on the island is famous all over Europe and you’re guaranteed to find a club or bar that caters to your music tastes. Rhodes is also one considered a safe destination to travel to so you won’t have to be pre-occupied about crime.

#4 – The nature

Apart from the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife on Rhodes, there is also an abundance of beautiful nature enjoy. To see it best, you may want to get a car to get out and explore places such as the world-famous Valley of Butterflies, Seven Springs, and Prasonisi which is known for its windsurfing.

Rhodes is also full of beautiful and traditional villages such as Archangelos, Empona, Monolithos, Siana, Laerma, and Archipolis. These villages will give you great insight into how people lived back in the day in Rhodes.

#5 – The hospitality

Greece is known for its hospitality and Rhodes is no exception. The people are friendly and always eager to help visitors with information or simply assist in making their experience easy and trouble -free. Warm hospitality is the Greek way, and it’s known to make visitors feel safe and welcomed.

So there you have it. From the amazing beaches that offer ferry trips and scuba diving around ancient ruins, to the rich history and thriving nightlife, Rhodes is the perfect holiday destination. The nature is beautiful and the locals are friendly and welcoming. If you are looking for your next place in Europe to visit, add this beautiful Greek island to your bucket-list!

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