How To Pack Like A Pro For Any Kind Of Trip

No matter what kind of trip you’re going on – whether it’s a weekend getaway or a grand tour, there’s a few packing hacks you need to know. These tips will help you save suitcase space, keep your clothes looking fresh, and avoid throwing out unused toiletries.

These 6 tried and tested packing tips will help you get organised.

#1 – Make a packing list

Before you dive straight in to packing, throwing all of your favourite going out tops and high heels into the “definites” pile, stop! Rather, think about what you NEED to take, and go from there. Divide your list into clothes, shoes and accessories, and plan a few different outfits based on where you’ll be visiting, and the types of activities you’ll be doing.

Once you’ve written and edited your list, and you’re ready to start the packing itself, lay the items out on the bed and take photos. Not only does this help with re-packing, should the worse happen and you need to make an insurance claim, you’ll have evidence of the items you took.

#2 – Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes really does save space. Roll each item of clothing individually and try and make each roll the same size – this will help fit the items in to your suitcase in a uniform manner. Rolling clothes will also save on the arduous task of ironing when you arrive at your destination.

#3 – Use packing cubes

Once you’ve rolled, it’s time to use packing cubes – yes, they really are worth the hype. Divide your clothes into day and night wear, or tops and bottoms – however you feel is the most useful. If you’ve got an overnight stay somewhere, create a packing cube specifically for that night, that way you don’t have to unpack everything, only to re-pack the next day.

#4 – Keep clothes fresh

After a few hours locked away in a case, clothes can come out smelling less than fresh. Avoid the musty odour by lining packing cubes with scented draw liners or fabric conditioner sheets. This simple hack works wonders in tropical climates where rooms can sometimes smell damp because of the humidity.

#5 – Go traditional with toiletries

Move over mini shampoos and shower gels, instead save space, weight and the environment with shampoo and soap bars. A fraction of the size, weight and cost, they’re perfect for travelling. Most shampoo bars will last around 25 washes – ideal for those summer holidays abroad.

#6 – Use hand-luggage

Keep essential items close by in your hand-luggage, but don’t just throw it all in together. Passports, tickets and other important documents are best kept together in a pouch – why not choose one that can also double up as clutch for the evenings? And always carry a pen, phone charger, and a few basic medical supplies such as headache tablets. Bags that can be worn across the body are perfect for travelling as they keep hands free, whilst ensuring your possessions are close at hand.

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