Three Of The Best Road Trip Destinations

road trip destinations
Destinations like Las Vegas attract more than 40 million visitors a year, and many of those visitors embark on a road trip to get there. But there are plenty of other destinations around the world that make for amazing road trip destinations, that aren’t as famous.

Adventure awaits whoever embarks on unheralded excursions, and road trips to Byron Bay, Banff and La Quiaca offer something for every type of traveller.

Here we round up three lesser known destinations which are just perfect to take a road trip to get to. Whether you’re planning to see more of Australia, or take to the roads overseas, these places are the new frontiers.

Read on to add these road trips to your travel bucket list…

road trip destinations

#1 – Byron Bay, New South Wales

When it comes to road tripping, Australia is king. Cities are sparse, and they’re connected by long roads that wind their way through beautiful scenery and unique towns.

It’s no mystery, then, why so many permanent or temporary Aussies drive to their destinations rather than fly. And if you’re looking for a destination that ticks all the boxes, then Byron Bay is the perfect example: it’s a beautiful beachside town whose commute is just as beautiful.

People planning a road trip to Byron Bay can start in Sydney and take the 766 km coastal route that is lined with pubs, cafes, boutique shops and national parks. Then, you can then finish the trip by eating, drinking, shopping, surfing, whale watching, or just relaxing in the cozy town of 10,000.

#2 – Banff, Alberta, Canada

Embedded in the Canadian Rockies is Banff, Alberta, a tourist mecca whose attractions include gondolas, hot springs, and plenty of shops and restaurants. However, the road trip to get there is anything but touristy.

If you start out at Stockton CA or at any other point in the Rockies, either in Canada or America, be prepared for winding mountain roads that take you to dizzying heights. It is therefore recommended that road trippers take a vehicle that has been rated to reliably handle inclines, declines, and other conditions that the Rockies can throw at you! But, it’s all worth it, of course. Banff occupies one of the most spectacular areas in the world.

#3 – La Quiaca, Argentina

It will take at least a week and a half (!!) to travel to this destination, so La Quiaca is reserved for the most serious road trippers.

The route starts at Cabo Vírgenes and runs 5,224 km to the northern tip of Argentina. It passes through wineries, prehistoric caves, tourist towns, and national parks, before ending at the titular city, an aesthetically traditional settlement with modern amenities.

If you’re planning to drive to La Quiaca, then a reliable vehicle equipped with satellite phone, and emergency supplies is a must. If you thought the Canadian Rockies were tumultuous, wait till you take Ruta 40 from Cabo Virgenes to La Quiaca.

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