5 Unexpected Travel Ideas For Your Next Holiday

unexpected travel ideas
Perhaps you’re tired of 5 star luxury hotels, or maybe you’re done with resorts (it’s possible!). If you’d like to experience something different next time you go on holiday, we’ve rounded up five new ways to stay when you’re away.

#1 – Mystery Hotels

Online accommodation booking sites are commonplace these days, and they’re dangerously easy to use. But besides just using these sites because they’re convenient, did you know they offer an interesting way to add some mystery to your travels as well?

If budget prices and luxury quality sounds like your style of travel, consider booking a mystery stay. Most online accommodation sites offer ‘mystery rooms’, and these can give you massive discounts on luxury rates.

How does it work? The site will give you an indication of the general area where you will be booking a room, often in 5-star luxury. Once booked and paid, you will see the exact location and hotel you get to stay at. This is a great way to experience special places that you may not normally get to frequent at heavily reduced rates.

#2 – House Swap

Thank god for the internet once again! These days it’s pretty straight forward to sign up to a house swap site and find yourself staying in a gorgeous Italian villa or Australian beachfront property in just a few clicks.

Generally speaking, the idea is that you stay at someone’s place either free of charge, or very low cost, and in return, you offer your place to other people for the same purpose.

In some cases, no one happens to stay in your place so it’s effectively a free holiday! House swapping is a great way to make ongoing friendships with people all around the world – bliss for those with wanderlust.

#3 – Learning abroad

Ever wanted to learn how to tango? Speak another language, or learn how to paint? It’s for these reasons and more that learning holidays have become increasingly popular. Learning while abroad is also a great way for travellers to meet new people.

Many universities around the world offer winter or summer intensive courses that are open to the general paying public. Otherwise, local community or special interest groups might be able to guide you in the direction of casual classes to participate in.

Or, if you’re keen to take it your career advancement to the next level, why not apply for that dream internship? While most internships are unpaid, you’ll be rewarded in more ways than one for taking the leap in the long run.

#4 – Camping

Today’s camping can be as pared back or elaborate as you like. You can buy hard shell roof top tents online and throw a tent and some supplies into a station wagon, or hitch a caravan and head off on the ultimate road trip. The best thing about camping is that if you come across a place you like, you can extend your stay – if not, just pack up and head elsewhere.

If you’re not into roughing it, camping can still be fun and relaxing. Aside from glamping, why not look at motorhomes for hire – this is akin to having a luxe home on wheels that you can take wherever you like.

#5 – Ancestry Trip

Get back to your roots with an ancestry trip! What could be better than researching your family and where they originated from. Heading to a place of special, personal significance can be the difference between a good holiday and a truly memorable one.

You may prefer to take in the sites and sounds of where your ancestors hailed from. Or, you may like to reach out to relations in far-flung places to meet in person. Taking an ancestry DNA test can help you to pinpoint family history that may have been lost or embellished over past decades. But be warned: it’s highly addictive!

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