How Much To Spend On An Electric Bike?

how much to spend on an ebike

With increasing prices and an unstable global economy, investing in something like an electric bike is a great idea. Here, we discuss the advantages you get from buying an eBike and how much you should spend.

If you’re wondering, “What is the range of budget you should set aside for an eBike?” you’re not alone. Determining how much to spend on any new gadget can be confusing. The amount of money you should allocate to an electric bike depends on several factors, and you should do plenty of research and contemplation. Keep reading to learn more!

The Price of eBikes

The general consensus is that the higher the price, the higher the quality of the electric bike. But that is not always the case.

On average, you should expect to spend around $2,500 to $4,000 for a highly dependable electric bike. The price can vary depending on the features included. Accessories also significantly impact how much you should allocate to this purchase.

However, the C20 electric bike from Engwe proves you can spend just over $1,000 and still get the most out of your eBike. The price you pay for this electric bike provides you with a machine with a maximum range of 80 kilometers, which is made possible by its 36V, 10.4-amp-hour battery. It can also go as fast as 25 kilometers per hour and easily do uphill climbs with a 20-degree gradient.

What Do You Get from Electric Bikes?

For someone new to eBikes, you might be wondering what’s in store. It is an understandable concern as you are paying a substantial amount for a bike. But what makes an electric bike stand out when compared to a traditional bicycle? Here are some of its advantages:

Fast Speed

eBikes come with a motor, battery, and sensor to help you move at a faster speed without exerting too much effort. This piece of equipment allows you to do that by gauging how fast you pedal using its sensor. Upon detecting your speed, the motor and battery will work together to assist until it has reached the prevailing speed restriction in your area.

Exhaustion is the number one reason most individuals prefer to ride a bus or drive their car over using their bicycle. However, it is not the case for electric bikes. The combination of the three eBike components also allows you to reach distances you might never imagine if you are riding a traditional bicycle.   

Throttle Mode

New riders might still be scared of the physical toll associated with cycling. Electric bikes offer a friendly route to be acquainted with riding. Aside from its pedal-assist feature, some electric bikes come with a throttle mode. 

This mode allows your eBike to function like an electric motorcycle. It means the motor is solely in charge of moving you and the bike forward. 

This feature is included in the Engwe C20 Pro eBike. With the help of this technology, this electric bike can travel as fast as 150 kilometers (93 miles), regardless if you are on city roads or outdoors.


With the substantial upfront associated with getting an eBike, it offers you savings in the long run. Electric bikes require less maintenance compared to owning a car.

In case there’s a need to visit a bike mechanic, you are also expected to spend less on repairs and replacements. The components making up an eBike are less complex compared to cars and motorcycles. 

In some countries, you also need not have a driver’s license to operate an electric bike. It means you no longer need to pay extra to get yourself a permit to ride an eBike. You can also save on insurance as some locations do not require eBike owners to get some form of coverage.

The money you save from eBike maintenance and special papers allows you to spend on accessories that could improve your riding experience, whether you are using it as a city electric bike or an off-road eBike.

Get That eBike Today!

As mentioned, the growing number of players in the eBike market makes it possible for anyone to get an electric bike. You no longer need to have adequate experience as there are bikes designed for inexperienced riders. Those on a budget also need not sacrifice any features as bikes are offering a combination of affordability and being feature-rich.

Engwe is among those manufacturers committed to making owning an eBike accessible for everyone. By choosing to buy your eBike from a brand like this one, you’ll get a great electric bike riding experience without putting a hole in your pocket.

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