How To Maintain Your Sofa So It Lasts Longer

how to maintain your sofa
Even the best quality sofas can lose their lustre for the lack of maintenance. If you’re keen to keep your sofa looking and feeling amazing for longer, there’s some general rules of sofa maintenance you should know.

An unkempt sofa does not look inviting for anyone to plonk down upon and relax. Every piece of furniture, including the super-efficient, stylish, and comfortable Eva’s New Everyday Sofa, needs regular care and upkeep. And, when dust and dirt accumulate on it over time, it becomes a hotspot for microorganisms to thrive and spread diseases.

However, not all sofas are the same, and the upkeep of a fabric sofa and a leather couch are two different ballgames. Though the care process for each sofa differs depending on its material and design, there are some general tips for maintaining your sofa to prolong its life, no matter what it’s made of.

#1 – Dust your upholstery regularly

Dust left unattended for long periods of time can prove abrasive for your upholstery, giving it a weathered look. Therefore, you should regularly vacuum your upholstered sofa to get rid of dust particles, food crumbs, and pet hair. Don’t have a vacuum cleaner, or can’t be bothered getting it out? Grab a soft brush and dust away every couple of days.

#2 – Deep Cleaning

Your sofa will periodically need to be deep cleaned with whatever cleaning agent is recommended by the manufacturer, based on the particular upholstery material.

Check for the cleaning code specified in your upholstery tag: W (water-based), S (solvent-based), W/S (water or solvent-based), X (vacuuming or light brushing). Test the cleaning agent on a hidden part of the sofa to figure out if any discolouration may eventuate before you apply it all over.

how to maintain your sofa

#3 – DIY eco-friendly cleaning agents 

Treat mould and tough stains on leather upholstery with rubbing alcohol. Then, clean the surface with white vinegar and wipe it down gently with olive oil for a lustrous shine.

If your fabric sofa happens to have a strong odour, let a sprinkle of baking soda sit on it for 20 minutes before vacuuming it with a brush attachment. Follow the care instructions mentioned and get the removable covers of your sofa set machine-washed or dry-cleaned as needed.

#4 – Prevent your sofa from getting sunburnt

Yes, your sofa can look old and battered from discolouration if exposed to direct sunlight. This is especially true for leather sofa sets. Therefore, think it through before positioning the sofa in your living space, and place it at least 50 cm away from any heat source.

#5 – Plump up your sofa and cushions regularly

Your sofa endures a lot in its lifetime – every day seating, being used as a spare bed, kids jumping and playing on it, and so forth. Fluffing up your sofa, the backrest, and cushions every week will help retain its shape and appearance. And don’t forget to flip over the cushions periodically for uniform weathering on every side.

#6 – Handle the sofa safely

Don’t pull or drag your sofa by its arms. Instead, lift it by the frame to avoid permanent disfigurement. Although it seems like an extra seating space, it’s also never a good idea to perch on the sofa’s armrest.

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