How To Choose Your Dream Sofa

The humble sofa does more for your home than just being everyone’s favourite place in the living room. Whether it’s used for taking a nap, watching your favourite show or doing a spot of work, the sofa is super-versatile.

Being such a well-used piece of furniture, and as the centrepiece for most people’s living rooms, this particular item has to tick a lot of boxes before it can be considered worthy of entering most people’s places.

While it’s easy to fall in love with the sofa of your dreams based purely on aesthetics, it’s important to remember that functionality and comfort are both important considerations too.

When shopping for sofas in Melbourne, expect to be spoiled for choice, with a huge array of designer styles and colours that look like they’ve just landed from Salone de Mobile!

But if you find yourself getting wowed by all the Euro-worthy design in Australia’s creative capital, remember that these pieces aren’t always designed with practicality in mind.

Instead, finding a sofa that gives your living space flair while being comfortable, should always be the aim.

Whether it’s a fainting couch or a futon you need, here are the things to consider when choosing the perfect sofa.

sofa styling 2

#1 – The Materials

We all want furniture that lasts. A good way to tell if the sofa is sturdy is to look at the frame. Typically, a sofa will have a wood, plastic, or metal frame. While metal and plastic frames can give your living space a minimalist look, they tend to warp and crack easily while wood frames, especially hardwood frames, are much more durable.

Additionally, you want to look at the materials that hold the sofa together. Sofas joined together by wooden corner blocks, (double) wooden dowels, metal screws and brackets tend to be stronger. And remember that anything that is connected by nails, glue or staples alone is not going to last too long.

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