Meghan Markle Wedding – 8 Of The Most Likely Dresses

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Meghan Markle wedding dress speculation is already reaching fever pitch, and her wedding is still many months away! Naturally, we couldn’t help but start envisaging what she might wear too…

Unless you have been in a media blackout for the past two days, you would know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally announced their engagement! Posing for their traditional engagement photos and giving their first interview together yesterday, all eyes are on the soon-to-be royal husband and wife.

With the couple admitting their engagement happened on a cosy night in, we can only assume that this Royal Wedding will be a little more simple than we’re used to.

But despite the relatively low-key style of the couple, thanks to Meghan’s impeccable taste and modern style, the world will undoubtedly be treated to a show worthy of any incoming Duchess. 

We have no doubt that Meghan Markle wedding dress will be anything less than stunning, so we’ve rounded up 8 beautiful options for the soon-to-be royal in the gallery below.

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meghan markle wedding dress

Wedding Dress #1 – Steven Khalil

Known for their jaw-dropping elegance and beauty, Steven Khalil’s bridal gowns combine classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge. With features from European couture, we think this Steven Khalil wedding dress is a perfect reflection of Meghan Markle’s chic and classic style.

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