9 Tips for Accessorising Your Living Room Like An Interior Designer

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As the focal point of the home, your living room deserves to be treated to some accessorising to bring out its full appeal and vibe. Here we look at nine tips for accessorising your living room like an interior designer.

#1 – Have a design concept

Before you start accessorising your living room, decide on the design concept you want for this space. Once you settle on a theme, it’s much easier to know the right design elements to go for, from the colour scheme to stick with to the best lighting fixtures. Retailers like Electrical & Lighting Solutions are one stop shop to help you implement the lighting requirements of your new design concept.

#2 – Pay attention to the floor

Give new life to your living room by first paying attention to the floor. A plain floor looks basic, and it will prevent your floors looking interior designer-approved. Including accents such as floor runner rugs and carpets will give it the right aesthetic touch. Choose floor treatments that complement or contrast your furniture whilst adhering to your overall design concept.

#3 – Embrace wall art

Nothing makes a living room look more sophisticated than the right art pieces hung at strategic locations. You don’t have to be limited to hanging typical artwork or paintings – you can install wallpaper, a mural, or hang mirrors, handicrafts, plates, or sculptural pieces, depending on your preferences.

#4 – Take advantage of natural light

Interior designers never undermine the power of natural light and windows to make a living room extra inviting. Choose window treatments that allow more natural light into the room and strategically angle your furniture to take advantage of this. Even if you don’t have large windows, there are many ways to fake natural light, such as using mirrors and brighter wall colours to make your living room feel airy.

#5 – Incorporate nature

Most interior designers incorporate plants and flowers into their design schemes. Nature provides balance and beauty and they elevate the look of any room. There are many ways to bring nature inside depending on the size of your living room and taste.

Some of the best ideas include: using corner tables to place fresh flowers and plants, hanging potted plants that require little maintenance, filling up open spaces with large-sized plants, and going for a minimalist look by playing around with succulents.

#6 – Make use of your tables and storage areas

Tables and storage areas provide you with plenty of room for displaying objects in your living room. Whether you want to display your favourite art and photography books, display beautifully framed family pictures or natural objects, the choice is entirely yours. These surfaces allow you to accessorise with items and objects you already own.

#7 – Add an accent chair

Consider adding an accent chair if you already have a dream sofa for your living room but still have too much space available. These seating pieces will enable you to complement the existing décor, spice up a monotone space, or provide a focal point. You could also choose to get playful by hanging an egg chair to fill up that corner space while providing a relaxation point.

#8 – Play around with pillows

Pillows are great decorative accessories that many interior designer love to play with when updating a space – they add the right touches of colour and pattern to your living room and can be updated or cycled seasonally. Not only do pillows bring flexibility to mix and match  colour schemes, they can help hide a tired or outdated sofa without the need to invest in a new one.

#9 – Opt for movable tables and stools

Lightweight tables and stools can be easily moved around, making it easier for you to alter your living room arrangement whenever desired. These movable pieces allow you to set a drink down, display your decorative accessories, and seat an extra person. They also help create nooks and new spaces within the existing space.

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