How To Make Your Living Room More Instagrammable

how to make your living room more instagrammable
Isn’t it baffling how good our favourite influencers’ homes look? Let’s face it, it can’t just be about the filters! Maybe, just maybe, they have great interior style – or they really know how to boost their home’s look for the camera. But how exactly do they do it? 

If you are an aspiring influencer or simply want a home that looks as good as those you are following, then you will love these tips on how to make your living room more Instagrammable! From the importance of good lighting, to Instagram’s obsession with pastel tones to statement decor, we have the niftiest ways to give your lounge the IG factor.

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#1 – Make a shelf style statement

One of the easiest ways to up your living room’s Instagrammability (if that is even a word) is to create a statement shelf in your living room. Otherwise known as a “shelfie”, these stunning little features are great for taking a selfie in front of. Not only this, they are a fabulous way to show your followers a bit more about yourself as well as your sense of style.

Just choose a wall in your living room that is lacking decor and give it a little TLC with a shelfie. Whether you choose floating shelves, ladder shelves or boxed/circular framed ones, there are so many different approaches you can take with a shelf statement. 

For the perfect shelfie, you can:

Feature personal items: Tell your followers a bit more about yourself without saying it. Include potted succulents if you’re a secret gardener, display your old ballet shoes if you used to dance as a child, or show off that beautiful shell you found on your travels. If you want to maintain a sense of privacy, don’t display personal framed photos – keep them for your eyes only.

Wallpaper the back of the shelf: Either using wallpaper or cute wrapping paper, back your shelfie to give it a touch of colour or pattern. Just choose a design that will look beautiful in your living room’s current colour scheme.

Use what you’ve already got: There’s no need to break the bank. Simply use items that are already at home. Your favourite scented candle, the cute ornament you bought ages ago but didn’t know where to put it or that framed print from your last holiday are all easy items to place into the picture.

#2 – Make sure you have excellent lighting

Any successful influencer will know that it is all about the lighting. Instagram is such a visual experience that these days, you have to become your own professional photographer. And of course, lighting is key in photography. But, it’s not just about bright ring lights. Instead, it’s about finding homely alternatives. 

Firstly, natural light is your best friend. You can maximise this in a number of ways. The easiest way is to open your curtains or blinds as wide as possible to encourage as much natural light as you can. To go one step further, choose translucent curtains so that no sunlight is being hidden away. For blinds, don’t choose ones that are fitted to your window – make sure you are able to fold them back.

For electrical lighting, opt for LED lamps that are great for lighting up your post snapshots or stories but are also handy for reading by at night or catching up on your favourite show. Or if you want to create a mood, why not go for multi-coloured lamps or even a cool neon sign that lights up in lipstick pink or orange?

how to make your living room more instagrammable

#3 – Create a feature wall

Another great place to take those all-important IG snaps is in front of a living room feature wall. Whether you like to pose in front of the camera or want somewhere for your cat to sit in front of whilst you paparazzi them, a signature wall will come in super handy if you’re looking to create interesting content.

One way to create a feature wall in the lounge is to use a striking paint colour. Popular colours that look great on camera are lighter shades- especially pastel tones. Pastel pink is ultra IG-worthy – perfect paired with exotic, leafy-green plants, this combination looks great on the grid. 

If you really want to make a statement, then why not go all out and create a wallpaper mural feature wall. Paint is nice, but it won’t wow your audience like wallpaper will. Get ready for vintage oriental landscapes, dramatic dark floral designs, abstract forests, trendy terrazzo patterns and much, much more… There is honestly so much scope when it comes to stylish custom-made feature walls.

When making a living room statement wall, remember to:

Think carefully about where to put it: This is important. There’s no point having one if it is going to be cluttered and covered with lots of furniture. One of the best places is behind the couch. It will draw the eye to the main focus of the room (the lounging area) and means you can take good selfies whilst sitting down!

Choose a colour or wallpaper that represents you: You don’t have to get really personal, even just your favourite colours or your love for vintage design contributes to choosing the type of feature wall you have. It’s all about being unique and drawing your followers in.

#4 – Choose a statement couch

With the huge trend toward aesthetically-pleasing sofas, no living room is complete without a show-stopping couch. It can be the perfect spot for lounging when taking selfies or candids with your friends. But more importantly, it’s somewhere stylish for you to relax at the end of the day and scroll social media. 

When choosing your Instagrammable couch, why not be maximalist and choose a bold printed pattern? Or, you can opt for a luxurious, velvet sofa in your favourite jewel tone. If you’d like to get creative and remain sustainable, then upcycling a vintage chaise longue with pretty fabric is another great idea and a fun project to undertake. Lastly, if you don’t want to splash any cash, simply make over your current sofa by adding a new throw blanket and scattering it with beautiful living room throw cushions. Voila!

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