How To Elevate Your Christmas Decorations This Year

christmas inspo 2021

While it’s easy to drag the old Christmas trimmings out of the garage every year, perhaps it’s time to move with the trends. Christmas this year is about nature and getting back to what matters.

Do-it-yourself decorations that reuse materials, or personalised baubles and adornments are significant. While there is a hint of vintage in some of the Christmas trends, there’s a definite focus on coastal designs too. Here we look at the Christmas decorations you should try this year to bring some extra magic to your home.

#1 – Elegance over excess

There are times when our homes at Christmas look like they have been sprayed with a red and green glitter gun. When decorating with youngsters, this is OK – there’s nothing better than having an excess of cute creatures and bright, festive colours everywhere.

However, if you want to elevate your festive vibe this year and adopt the latest trends, your new colour scheme will be gold and blue. Darker shades paired with gold accents are big for Chrissy 2021! For example, you could make or buy a gold-hued wreath and team it with an assortment of candles in shades of blue for a luxe take on a traditional combo. You can always find more elegant Christmas decoration ideas at Repurposing Junkie.

This colour scheme is part of a coastal theme that is set to be popular this season. Not only do many of us gravitate to the blues of the sea, this can be offset with natural patterns of rocks and driftwood, sea creatures and sand.

christmas decoration ideas 2021

#2 – Go vintage and sustainable

If the above suggestion sounds too much like a passing fad and you prefer to focus on sustainability, you might want to follow the trend towards vintage.

There is a push for us to reuse anything old and upcycle it to something more special. Therefore, jumping online and scouring local marketplaces for all the components of a retro-Christmas could see you bang on-trend. If you’re truly committed, you can look for recycled glassware and other adornments that can be used again and again.

The main area where you can be sure to be sustainable is your evergreen florals. Getting in a tree that can be replanted and plants that remain living in their pots help to promote a love of our planet. The presence of evergreen florals, such as garlands and real trees, might feel old-fashioned, but our connection with nature at this time of year is a long-held tradition.

A great tip that is both on-trend and sustainable is collecting pine cones and spraying them in gold paint. It is the perfect rustic-glam bauble for the tree this year.

#3 – Personalisation matters

Starting early and putting your craft talents to the test could make your tree stand out as far as decorations go. Having decorations on the tree or around the house for members of the family is a once-per-year sentiment that everybody loves. Equally, there is nothing better than handwritten place cards to help everyone feel special at the dinner table.

There’s no doubt that the recent couple of years have helped us realise a little more of what is important. As such, crafting something personal for someone you love has taken on much more importance. While DIY decorations sound like another task to add to a long list at Christmas, learning to make your own is bang on trend – and well worth it.

#4 – The rise of the light

LED lights will continue to be a staple this Christmas, and the LED twig Christmas tree trend will continue into 2021. The simple, sparse twig tree design with LED built-in is the perfect Christmas decoration for minimalists. This decoration feels festive without feeling too over the top.

As well as LEDs, reflective shells from the ocean are going to be important for 2021. Shells – in particular oyster shells, are popular because they shimmer beautifully when hit by lights. Clean white with textured layers is a popular vibe, and shimmering shells are the perfect decoration to create this look.

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