Christmas To Do List: How To Get Ready For Christmas This Year

Christmas To Do List

We can all agree on one thing: luckily, 2020 is almost over. But before we welcome the New Year, first, there’s tackling the Christmas to do list! But how to deck the halls during a time of uncertainty?

With so many disruptions to everyday life, Christmas is a time that many have been waiting for. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn our frowns upside down. While some of us may not be able to celebrate with family this year, or travel interstate or internationally, this leaves us with more time at home. What better reason can there be to let our creativity flow and create an awesome Christmas all of our own?!

But don’t just take our word for it: according to researchers, decorating early for the holidays has been proven to help make people happy, and nostalgia is an anchor for happiness. Basically, it all comes down to festive fun. If you’re at a loss for how to make Christmas 2020 feel special, keep reading. We explain the main elements you need for your Christmas to do list so you can have a festive season that’s just as good as the last.

Christmas To Do List: here’s how to prepare for Christmas this year


#1 – Get a Christmas tree

Whether you buy the real thing or get an artificial Christmas tree, the first item for any Christmas to do list is to get an awesome tree. You can also embrace the new traditions of decorating your tree for Halloween and #fallChristmastree if you’re so inclined. If decorating trees is new for you, enlist the help of Pinterest for some design inspo and DIY tips. This ensures you’ll have the best looking tree while keeping yourself entertained at home. 

#2 – Start Christmas shopping early

Many of us have kept busy with online shopping a lot this year. But due to the increase in transactions, many retailers are behind on their orders, and delivery services might be delayed. To ensure your items arrive on time, pop your shopping requirements near the top of your Christmas to do list and remember to order early!

Ordering early also means you’ll be able to take advantage of the many promotions brands and stores are offering. Many retailers are slashing typical Black Friday sales and opting for deals throughout the holiday season instead. So sign up for those newsletters and follow them on social media to get alerted for deals.

#3 – Communicate with family 

With so much uncertainty, start communicating with loved ones about your plans for Christmas earlier than normal. This holiday season will be different in many ways, so it’s even more important to convene with family whichever way you can, and decide how the celebrations will unfold.

If you choose to host a get together, make sure everyone is comfortable, especially being around older family members.  Get this decision out of the way early, and pivot as time goes by so everyone is on the same page. If you think the risk outweighs the benefit, you can always opt for a virtual party. For this, send the invite ahead of time, plan some games and maybe some friendly competitions. 

#4 – Get your Christmas outfit ready

Maybe you want a bad Christmas sweater, a dress to impress, or matching family pyjamas. Whichever you choose, this year it’s time to have some fun with holiday party outfits, so get those cameras ready and dress in your best ensemble. Check out Christmas movies on Netflix for inspo, and get clicking through ASOS to pick up a few fun shopping picks.

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