How To Reverse Skin Aging: 7 Long-Term Ways To Look More Youthful

How To Reverse Skin Aging
Trends and fashion change, however a youthful complexion and radiant skin will never go out of style. As we grow older, we all start to wonder how to reverse skin aging. We begin to notice lines on our face, and the condition of our skin doesn’t look like it did in our twenties. Fortunately, there are several things you can do about it.

There are many factors that impact the aging process. Some are inevitable yet manageable; others are completely preventable. Here we explain 7 effective ways to lay the foundation for a more youthful appearance – naturally.

Keep reading to find out how to reverse skin aging and maintain your youthful appearance for years to come.

How To Reverse Skin Aging by avoiding the sun

#1 – Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Studies prove that sun exposure is one of the most common causes of skin aging. As such, it doesn’t matter if you’re just running errands, taking a jog in your local park, or sunbathing on a beach. If you’re going outside, sun protection is essential.

Whether you wear lightweight, yet sun-protective clothing and sunglasses with UV protection, and/or apply SPF 50 sunscreen to all areas of your body that are not covered by clothing, these precautions are essential.

#2 – Consider Taking Collagen Supplements

When it comes to the condition of your skin and creating an overall youthful appearance, there’s nothing more important than collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body that’s responsible for the shape, strength, and structure of your skin, tendons, and ligaments.

However, as experts from Primal Harvest point out, the production of this key protein starts to decrease after age 20. As a result, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and plumpness, and the dreaded aging process becomes increasingly visible.

Fortunately, you can support your entire organism by taking collagen supplements. These are an effective way to give your skin a healthy boost, and you’ll be providing it with the most important building material. Keep in mind, though, that supplements aren’t miracle workers and they won’t reverse your unhealthy habits.

#3 – Establish a Healthy Diet

If you want your collagen supplements to give you the best results, consider also changing your dietary habits. To name the most common culprits, alcohol and sugary foods have a negative effect on your skin. Alcohol dehydrates it, while excessive amounts of sugar can lead to inflammation and inhibition of essential enzymes.

If you are wondering how to reverse skin aging and want to maintain your youthful appearance, eat foods that contain antioxidants and are rich in vitamins and minerals. In summary, pay attention to what you consume, as it directly influences your body and all its functions.

#4 – Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

Sugary foods and alcohol may be on the top of your bad habit list, but what about smoking? If you smoke regularly, consider quitting altogether. Tobacco smoke has a negative impact on collagen and elastin, which are directly responsible for your skin’s strength and elasticity.

Additionally, nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, which, in turn, reduces the blood flow to your skin. Your skin therefore receives less oxygen and inhibits vitamin absorption, all of which is crucial to its condition. So, as far as answering the question on how to reverse skin aging, quitting bad habits such as smoking should definitely be added somewhere near the top of your to-do list.

#5 – How to reverse skin aging by getting more rest

The world waits for no one, and its easy to get caught up in the spiral of responsibilities and daily hassles. To stay on top of things, many of us sleep less and less, however this is a big mistake. Adequate rest is crucial to keeping both your mind and body healthy.

Pull an all-nighter, and your skin will look more dull and tired. Act on your body’s needs for sleep to let it rest at night, and you’ll notice your complexion becomes more healthy and youthful by morning. Bad sleep habits may not be easy to change, but try going to bed for at least 7 to 8 hours and see the results for yourself.

#6 – Have a Consistent Skincare Routine

One of the easiest ways to improve skin condition and slow down the aging process is to establish a skincare regimen that you can follow on a daily basis. While it may be tempting to reach for all-in-one products to save time, it’s best to skip these as they’re not formulated to target specific parts of your face. Instead, choose dedicated products designed to cleanse, moisturise, regenerate, and support the various areas of your skin.

After a period of trial and error, once you figure out which products work for you, keep using them regularly and consistently. The sooner you come up with a skincare routine, the better.

#7 – Exercise Your Face and Body

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! Regular exercise has countless benefits on your health and well-being. Working out not only helps you lose weight and maintain a good fitness level, it helps keep your skin in good shape too.

Apart from the typical body workout, you should also get familiar with exercises for your face that engages various muscles. Further, try to avoid repetitive facial expressions, as they result in the same muscle groups contracting regularly over the years. This, in turn, can accelerate wrinkles and deep lines.

How to reverse skin aging – the Bottom Line

While we can’t stop our bodies from aging altogether, there are many things we can do if we’re wondering how to reverse the aging process – or at least slow it down. Developing new healthy habits and getting rid of bad ones is a great (and obvious) starting point. It’s true that changing something you’ve been doing your entire life can be difficult, but making the effort to implement good habits, such as using sunscreen every day, will prove beneficial in the long run.

And additionally, as the natural production of collagen decreases with age, you may also want to consider taking dietary supplements. Combine them with a healthy diet and better habits, as well as some high-quality skincare products, and you’re on the right track to radiant skin and youthful appearance beyond your years.

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