5 Home Disasters And How To Deal With Them

The majority of people believe it is preferable to be ready for a given situation than to be caught off guard. So, one of the greatest ways to avoid a home disaster is knowing what the most common ones are. Here are some frequent home disasters and how to deal with them.

What are the most typical home disasters that Australian homeowners suffer? From issues with plumbing, roofing, or pest infestation, here we highlight the common issues that occur with your home and what steps you should take to handle them.

#1 – Plumbing Issues

Blocked toilets, clogged drainage, and leaking fixtures are frequent problems in most homes around Australia. At least once a year, most homes cope with a blocked toilet or blocked drain which is highly inconvenient and a little bit stressful!

A clog in the pipe that clogs the toilet is often caused by a foreign item flushed down or excessive toilet paper used. Although this problem is easily resolved by using a plunger or a plumbing snake to loosen the obstruction, many prefer to leave it to professionals. You can click here to get expert plumbing services if you don’t want to tackle it yourself.

An obstruction such as hair, grease, or food scraps can impede drainage flow or prevent a fixture from draining. While it’s important to keep disciplined on what goes down your drains as a preventative measure, if you do happen encounter a clog or poor drainage, a plunger or drain snake can be used to remove or break up the obstruction and restore regular drainage flow. Also, in some cases, you can use drain cleaners to dissolve a clog.

Another common plumbing issue is a leaky tap, which is generally caused by a faulty or worn washer. This issue is therefore easily repaired by replacing the washer. A washer is a tiny rubber ring that fits under the screw that connects the handle to the tap. When the washer becomes damaged, water can seep through causing the fixture to leak. These indications are useful if you’re trying to work out when to call a plumber.

#2 – Roof Problems

Each year, winter storms knock down fallen branches and trees onto rooftops, causing damage to roof surfaces and structures all over the country, but in particular in Perth – otherwise known as the windy city.

Suppose your roof has been damaged by fallen trees or branches? This is highly stressful, and can mean instant damage to your home and possessions if there is ongoing bad weather. In this situation, you should call specialists ASAP to repair damaged roofs or at least provide emergency cover.

#3 – Pest Infestation

Animals, especially pests, are attracted to the roof area of homes. Rats, mice, birds, possums, insects, and spiders are among the critters that may get in.

If you are tired of spooky scratching noises on your ceiling while you sleep, it’s time to call some professional roofing services in to prevent these trespassing critters from accessing your roof area.

You may also want to contact a professional pest control service by searching for Texas exterminators or similar in your area, who can inspect and treat your home to ensure you remain pest-free.

#4 – Gas Leak

Because natural gas is lighter than air, if there’s a leak, it swiftly dissipates into the environment and can be difficult to detect. Nonetheless, you should report any leak since gas can accumulate in confined locations and create a potentially deadly scenario.

Suppose you smell gas on your property in the vicinity of the gas meter. In that case, you should contact your supplier or emergency services to find out the source of the leak and fix it.

If you smell gas inside your building or house, immediately switch off all appliances and lights, shut off the gas supply at the meter, open all doors and windows for ventilation, and call qualified gas repair companies to address the situation.

#5 – Electrical Hazards

Our homes are more reliant on electricity than ever before and electrical issues can happen anywhere. Luckily, these issues can be avoided or minimised by being aware of them and taking proactive efforts to eradicate them, preferably with the help of a licensed electrician.

For example, residential fires are most often caused by poor wiring. To mitigate these dangers, get your home’s wiring inspected every few years by a trained electrician to see whether any components need to be fixed or replaced.

And if your house is 30 years or older, contact an electrician immediately if lights dim or flicker without explanation. If breakers trip often, or if outlets feel warm or spark, these too are indications that you may need to fix your home’s wiring.

If you live in Perth, you may want to keep this number of a 24 hour electrician Perth handy just in case. But wherever you live, be sure to find a reputable electrician nearby that can help you when you need it. If not addressed promptly, electrical issues may result in massive fire and loss of life, so it’s essential to take action if things don’t seem right.

Takeaway message

Knowing which issues are most common and which safeguards to take no doubt helps keep your household safe, but no one can be on watch at all times. For ultimate safety and peace of mind, organise routine house inspections once yearly and you’ll go a long way to preventing these stressful and sometimes deadly home diasters.

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