Tiny Touches – 6 Tips For Styling A Small Living Room

Styling your home is always an adventure. Different furniture and looks to choose from, the choice is all yours! Well…mostly. You might have big ideas for your living room, but the size of your living room is something you’re stuck with. Especially if it’s small.

But don’t worry – this can be a blessing in disguise. Small living rooms may seem like they need to be sparse because there’s no space. This isn’t the case at all. Small living rooms have the opportunity to surprise visitors with smart design features and an even smarter look about them.

Here are 6 tips to try if you’re styling a small living room.

#1 – Be Bold

Small living rooms don’t have to be drab. Savvy designers know how to make a room really pop – no matter the size. You can make your small living room the centrepiece for the entire home with the right colours and designs. Bold textures and colours on your furniture and wall hangings will go a long way towards filling this small room. An eye-catching rug design or an impressively poppy sofa will surely have your friends talking.

#2 – Work With Angles

If your small living room has an interesting feature, embrace it. Strangely angled walls can be turned into the point of focus in a room very easily. Feel the room out. If you have a sofa, maybe a pattern behind it will work. Or a favourite photo turned into a painting. The choices are endless, and this room’s opportunity is too.

#3 – Dorm Style is Out

If you’re at home and thinking “what college student lives here?” you may be due for an upgrade. Living as if you’re finishing up a humanities degree well after you’ve graduated doesn’t work anymore – even if your home is even smaller than your dormitory was. Synchronising your furniture colours is a great start. Wall hangings that are flash, as well as functional, can go a long way to getting out of “dormitory decor”.

#4 – Maximize Space

If you have a small room, you may automatically think it’s more of a staging area for guests as opposed to a place for people to gather. An easy solution is to get an L-shaped sofa. With a sofa of this design, you can have upwards of 6 people enjoying the space at a time without taking up too much space. It’s large enough to seat a whole family, or friends, or whoever is coming over. It also clears up a lot of floor-space by having a sofa and loveseat combined into one.

#5 – Get Multi-Use Furniture

As mentioned in the last tip, small living rooms demand that you use the space to its fullest. That means getting smart about your furniture. One way to do just that is to incorporate furniture that has two uses. A sofa that doubles as storage space or a chest-of-drawers that can be used as a seat are good examples of this. A coffee table doesn’t need to be a slab of wood anymore, either. It can be a centrepiece as well as a functional part of the room if it features storage areas.

#6 – Think Vertically

When you are working with a smaller living room, you need to adjust your thinking. Primarily, you need to look up. Vertical design is great for using the total area of your living room. For example, homeowners installing blinds in Melbourne should look to floor-length drapes to add dimension to an otherwise small-ish living room

#7 – Small Living Rooms Mean Big Possibilities

In the end, it doesn’t matter what size your living room is. You can very easily make it your own with these design tips and some different thinking. By setting your mind to “small and functional” you can create a thoroughly enjoyable living area even if it’s limited in size.

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  • Reply Jessie Hogarth Wednesday 18th July, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    I love this piece so much. I have a small bedroom and I use most of these tips. However, what I added into mine is the illusion of bigger space through colour and mirrors. The colours I choose for the visual bigger space were eggshell and white and I had the help of my dear friends from Colour Life Painting . They are really great and my small living room doesn’t look so small anymore.

    Thanks for this piece!

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