6 Tips For Embracing Minimalism At Home

Most of us are pretty in love with our homes. They are our little kingdoms; the place where we feel safest. Yet, even the cosiest house can come with a lot of subconscious strain and baggage. It is why, for many years, psychologists and behavioural experts have been espousing the benefits of a minimalistic life.

They say that the less clutter your house contains, the happier you will be.

We tend not to realise how easily the brain becomes a map of its surroundings. And, if your surroundings are untidy, your thoughts will also be disorganised. So, decluttering and decorating from a ‘less is more’ perspective is an excellent way to banish stress.

You will be amazed at how much difference a few small changes to your home can bring. You should remember that it is okay to make this transition slowly. After all, not everybody can wake up in the morning and Marie Kondo their possessions right back! For some, the journey towards a more minimalistic existence is gradual.

Click through for 6 tips to start making minimalism your antidote to a stressful life.

1. Find the Light

Homeowners often forget that the best decorating tool of all is free. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to create a Japanese themed dining room or a rustic, country boudoir, natural light is your secret weapon. The best kitchens always make room for sunlight, because it uplifts and enhances without taking up any space whatsoever.