How To Bring Out The Best In Your IG Game


Instagram has become a power house for social media kings and queens, gracing our feeds and our hearts with never ending food envy and outfit inspiration, while casually sparking a fire for travelust and adventure.

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It can leave you feeling a little less sparkly when you’re living amongst what seems to be the bronzed and beautiful IG-elite. Don’t fret – it’s no secret that social media is a medium to share the happiest and most memorable parts of life with your closest friends (and probably a questionable selection of strangers).

To help you along the journey we’ve collated a few expert tips and tricks to help you bring your best foot forward in the IG game!

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Tip #1 – Gridlines

Activate gridlines on your camera. The use of gridlines is a great way to align subjects in the photo and provide a guide to allocate proportions. Guidelines will also help you to center your images, create symmetry scenery or building shots and straight.

Not only will this camera setting let you stick to the Rule of Thirds, a composition rule which suggests the use of gridlines and intersection points to align subjects, create balance and maximise engagement within the photo.

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