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The Southern states of America, in particular, ones like Tennessee provide the traveller with plenty of sights to see, tours to go on, and a LOT of great food to eat.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when thinking about USA travel destinations and focus on the biggest and most well-known places like New York, LA and Miami. However the southern areas of the USA make for a great holiday destination too.

If you’re dreaming of your next holiday and want to go to one of the lesser travelled USA destinations, a state down south might just be the ticket.

For ideas and inspiration, check out these great holiday ideas for Tennessee!

graceland tennessee

#1 – Memphis and Graceland

First up on the Tennessee trip is probably what most tourists come from all over to see, the Elvis Presley museum in Memphis and his house in Graceland. There’s plenty to do at both locations that will make any Elvis fan experience what life was like for the King. Also in Memphis is the famous Beale Street, better known as “The Home of the Blues.”

#2 – Food Tour

While Tennessee has Nashville’s music and Elvis memorabilia, something that might be overlooked by tourists is their amazing food. You could visit Tennessee for a month, try a new place every night, and still amazed by the food every time!

Between the BBQ, pulled pork, homemade sweet tea, fried anything and everything, and other southern comforts, you’ll never go without a full belly from a great tasting meal. For many people the food alone in Tennessee is enough reason to move there, if you finding yourself wishing of a new place to call home, check out Knoxville Real Estate

#3 – Smoky Mountain National Park

A must-see for any outdoor enthusiast are the Smoky Mountains. There’s plenty of paths to hike, wildlife to spot, and other outdoor activities to do, all while taking in jaw dropping views from this beautiful national park.

If hiking isn’t your thing, there is plenty more you can do as well. Between driving paths and guided nature tours, you can still enjoy this amazing location without too much physical output. All year round the Smoky Mountain National Park offers skiing, snowboarding, and an amusement park.

#4 – Nashville

An obvious spot for any Tennessee holiday is the great city of Nashville. The history of music in Nashville is unmatched by anywhere else in the world, and there’s plenty of fun activities to do and see while you’re here. Check out the Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and even America’s very own Parthenon. Visiting Nashville is like a mini vacation in itself!

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