Capturing Memories: 7 Photography Styles To Master

Nowadays we’re all so used to snapping away at every moment of our lives that it’s easy to feel as if we have mastered everything there is to know abut getting a great photo!

From the special moments to the mundane, photography helps us remember all of life’s events that make us who we are. No matter whether you’re a budding creative photographer, or wanting to create the perfect instagram, there’s a range of photo styles to master.

If you’re looking for some new photography styles to try, here’s all the inspiration you need to get started.

#1 – Black and White Photography

One of the easiest ways to give any photo an artistic edge is to convert it to Black & White. Black and white photography is instantly more powerful than a regular colour photo, and they are beautiful ways to capture memories.

When you strip all the colour away from a subject, outlines and shadows become more prominent. The lack of colour can enhance certain aspects which tend to get lost in full colour. Try using a B&W filter next time you take a candid photo and check out how you can turn simple mundane photos into something amazing.

#2 – Documentary Photography

Documentary photography captures instances in everyday life that could otherwise be overlooked. Whether it’s a crowded city street, or capturing an outdoor event, documentary photography puts the mundane under the microscope. As far as photo styles go, this type of photography is often shot in black and white to create visually striking images that provoke thought.

#3 – Photo Booth Photos

No discussion of photo styles for 2019 could be complete without inclusion of the ubiquitous photo booth photo. While not strictly a photo style per se, photo booth photos are nevertheless a great way to capture life’s special moments.

These days, most parties usually include a photo booth to take fun photographs of guests, and what makes them great is how candid the photos are. These days it’s possible to arrange a photo booth template with a themed background that lets you customise the printed photos for your particular event or party.

#4 – Portraits

One of the most traditional style of photography is of course, the portrait. What people love the most about portraits is that there’s always a beautiful story in each one. Whether it’s capturing the life experience of the subject in a single frame, or posing a couple for their engagement pictures, portraits are always compelling.

From a professional standpoint, portraits are connect the viewer and the subject. Each portrait encompasses all the emotions and all the glory of the subject at hand, making them difficult to master, but worth getting right.

#5 – Aerial Photography

Drones have created a whole new photographic genre of their own, as they permit angles and photographs that were previously impossible to achieve. Drone photography is particularly useful for capturing stunning aerial photos of nature. The beauty of high angle shots and aerial photography is that you can capture the vastness and splendour of the natural environment in one frame.

Aerial photographs are perfect if you want to wow the viewer with a new perspective or capture broader subjects.

#6 – Photographing Movement

Some say “life is a movement,” and it surely is. What’s great about photographing movement is that you’ve managed to freeze time (well, creatively at least). People love to look at photos of motion as they’re putting life in a state of pause.

This is why a lot of people marvel when they see a photo of a falling water droplet, or an athlete in the middle of a strenuous activity. Not only do you see an incredible moment captured in time, but in the case of photographing people, you can also see their emotions.

#7 – Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is now in a field of its own, and that’s because the photographs are so powerful. Showcasing the love that people have for each other requires the photographer to be able to capture the emotional engagement of two people and those around them.

If you’re at a wedding, whether personally or professionally, then this is your chance to capture the coming together of two lives as one! And if you’re the one getting married, make sure you talk to your wedding photographer about what you can do to make sure you get the best of every moment.

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