7 Essential Questions Brides Must Ask Their Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding day is one of the most important occasions of your life, so it goes without saying that this momentous and joyous occasion needs to be properly documented!

There are many considerations that couples need to juggle when it comes to planning their big day – from catering to cars, to invitations, but few are more important than choosing who is going to capture the precious moments that will be looked back on for a lifetime.

As weddings can be very expensive (the average is almost $50k in Australia), many couples hope that their wedding photography is one expense they can scrimp and save on.

While no one can blame couples for wanting to make savings, choosing a shutterbug solely on the basis of cost can seriously undermine the outcome.

Here we explain why it’s worth taking the time (and if necessary, bearing the expense) of booking the perfect photographer for your wedding. We’ve also included some important questions to ask all prospective companies to ensure that you secure the the perfect candidate.

But first: why is it so essential to find the perfect photographer?

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You’ve no doubt heard from everyone about how quickly your big day goes. Your married friends have all assured you that no matter the months and years of planning, the big day itself is over in a flash. It’s a blur of activity; hugs, kisses, handshakes and smiles. Cake, champagne, canapes and “I do’s”.

That’s why your choice in photographer is so important to your enjoyment of your big day. A Wedding Photographer can either elevate or ruin your wedding, even if it’s just retroactively. While the day itself will pass in an an instant, your wedding photos will be a reminder of the joy and romance of your big day forever.

A good photographer will capture the events, but a great photographer will be able to capture the atmosphere! 

Your big day is utterly unique and deserves a photographer who’ll capture the spirit of he occasion in their images. They’ll be able to make you feel all of the thrill and all of the romance again as you leaf through your photo album later.

Great wedding photographers are able to capture the subtle nuances of emotion and the minutiae of experiences that send those potent memories flooding back. Through clever wedding photography editing they are able to create a series of images which are intrinsically beautiful.

But how do you know the good from the great? How do you know the difference between a talented photographer and YOUR photographer? The answer lies not just in your appraisal of their work but in how you react to them as a person and an artist.

Here are 7 questions to determine whether your photographer is the right choice for your wedding

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Question #1 – What do you think of our wedding concept?

In order to get the best out of your photographer, it’s important that you’re on the same page creatively. Whatever the concept or your big day, they need to be on board with it. If they answer “I think it’s great!”, before promptly talking about their rates, perhaps this photographer is not for you.

Look for the genuine enthusiasm in their response. Your photographer should get excited about the concept you’ve envisaged, and start coming up with ideas of their own on how their work can compliment your vision. 

The right photographer will have experience shooting weddings with similar concepts to yours and be brimming with their own creative input to bring to the table.

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