CEO Secrets: Transformulas Founder Rosi Chapman


As part of our ongoing ‘CEO Secrets’ series, we’ll be hosting exclusive one-on-ones with successful fashion and beauty entrepreneurs to glean inspiration and information about how they made their entrepreneurial dreams happen.

For this story I chatted with Rosi Chapman, founder of cult beauty brand ‘Transformulas’. Hailing from the UK Rosi has turned Transformulas into a highly successful skincare brand that’s already stocked in over 900 outlets worldwide.

I was able to meet with Rosi on her recent trip downunder, where she hosted a cruise around Sydney for select beauty editors and bloggers.


On the cruise to launch Marine Miracle. (Yes, it was SUPER windy!) Image:

On the cruise to launch Marine Miracle. (Yes, it was SUPER windy!) Image:


BWA: What inspired you to start Transformulas?

Having a phobia of needles, I was aware of the lack of non invasive “serious” anti ageing treatment products that would give optimum results, quickly and effectively. Initially the products were developed  for myself, but following incredible interest from friends and colleagues, I soon became aware that I wasn’t the only one interested in this area and developed the products for retail.

I wanted something accessible, and to fulfil my desire to look healthy, well and good for my age (and for those of others.) To me it is about looking and feeling healthy. The skin is important in doing this as it reflects and shows all your emotions, stresses, your life – it can’t be underestimated!

Transformulas Founder Rosi Chapman

Transformulas founder, Rosi Chapman


BWA: What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 

I have 3 pointers that I always revert back to:

  • Never undermine and forget what you believe in, to me it’s about quality and passion – I’m a bit of a crusader . 
  • Never underestimate the power of good “customer” service. “Customers” can be work colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers alike – reputation is vital, it takes a long time to build and can quickly be destroyed. 
  • People need to be of the same culture and mindset, Sir Richard Branson and my late father spoke of this – so very important in helping you to achieve your vision.


BWA: The one piece of advice you would tell your younger self:

Never compromise on your ambitions, beliefs and goals – believe in yourself and your instincts.  You will always meet challenges, they are part of the package, working through them and the experience builds the future.


BWA: What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced since starting Transformulas?

As a small company our business challenge is brand awareness. When customers get to see the incredible instant results from our products they are easily converted to fans but it’s getting our products seen in a cluttered market place ahead of the big brands. 

We know from research that we have a cult following and those who use us become loyal followers and returning  customers. However as a small company we choose to invest in product research and development and struggle with capital investment to mass marketing and TV campaigns – which is frustrating at times. 

BWA: What are some of your career highlights so far?

Launching at Priceline, (900 outlets) and now expanding into NZ. Winning the UK StyleStar Oscars for best Eye Product. Knowing that Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Simon Crowell are some of the celebrities known to us who use and adore Transformulas. Being #1 skincare on British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways… Transformulas is on all of the UK airline charters and now growing outside internationally. Worldwide distribution is our strategic goal.

BWA: What has been some of the most effective ways your raised awareness for Transformulas in the beginning?

Our first PR agency did some select celebrity seeding, and following this in a interview with ‘Heat’ Magazine, Victoria Beckham stated that her favourite Eye product was our Transformulas EyeLifting Gel. This gave the brand some invaluable early celebrity endorsement as Victoria was at the height of her fame.

BWA: What do you see as being the most important ingredient/s in the success of your brand?

It’s a combination of the purest, highest quality and the most powerful forms of ingredients. Formulations from these premium ingredients create a beauty experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations and we work continually to raise the bar for excellence.

BWA: What is next for Transformulas?

ManFormulas.  I’m very excited about ManFormulas, it’s a concise 3 step men’s anti ageing skincare and shaving regime that works to soften and lessen hair growth whilst giving the skin anti ageing benefits.  It is focusing on lessening the times you need to shave and making the whole shaving experience easier, not as raw and brutal on the skin.

BWA: What is your personal beauty philosophy?

Coco Chanel once said, “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

Along with drinking lots of water (you are what you eat and drink), my skincare routine includes Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and E, natural sea algae and AHA’s which are essential to strengthen and increase cell proliferation, collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production. 

I’m a results driven person that strives for the best – so it’s got to be the purest, highest quality and most powerful forms of ingredients – there’s no compromise to second best. It’s about the most effective way to erase the signs of ageing, showing results from the very first application and that’s what I believe Transformulas helps to achieve.



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