12 Time-Saving Tips When Planning A Wedding

Everybody knows how stressful planning a wedding can be. With an endless amount of things to organise, it’s hard to know what’s essential and what isn’t for your big day.

If the volume of things you need to organise for just one day seems outlandish, don’t fear. We’ve rounded up the best tips for planning your wedding day with ease.

#1 – Decide on your budget

This really is the first step, as determining your budget will set the tone for all of the other decisions to follow. Before you start planning, you and your fiancé should decide on a budget that you both agree on. Once you have a budget, you can begin deciding what kind of venue and ceremony you would like within your price range. For plenty of great wedding venue ideas, visit Married Australia for more information.

#2 – Create a checklist

It’s a great idea to create a master checklist early on to ease your mind about the day. Incorporate your budget and checklist into a spreadsheet to have all the relevant information at your fingertips. This will also help you see at a glance where your biggest expenses are, and it can help keep a track of priorities. 

#3 – Create a timeline

Construct a timeline of everything that needs to be done. Not everything needs to be done at the beginning, and some tasks are best left toward the very end. Once you have a month-to-month planning guide you can methodically work your way through the list without ever feeling overwhelmed. 

#4 – Say yes to the dress

So, this is the fun part – finding your dream wedding dress. Most people suggest to never buy the first dress you try on, which is good news if you love shopping and being made a fuss of! Trying on various dresses opens you up to a world of looks you may have never considered. There are many bridal dresses in Melbourne and elsewhere available for you to try.


#5 – Have equal input from your fiancé

While most accept that the wedding day is the bride’s day, it’s still important to work as a team with your fiancé. Not only is having the input of both people fairer, two hands make lighter work, so you’ll be able to share the burden between you. 

#6 – Speak to other married couples

Speaking to other married couples can be very helpful as they will most likely have a range of advice around what is necessary – and what isn’t, for your day. Other couples will also have a slew of suppliers and shortcuts of their own to share. 

#7 – Choose the wedding party

Ensure that your bridal party consists of people who you trust and who will support you throughout the day. You should also ensure that you and your fiancé have an equal amount of people in your bridal party.

#8 – Create a guest list

This is the tricky part, which requires a lot of patience and diplomacy. While your fiancé might want to invite every long lost relative and you don’t, you will have to come to an agreed middle-ground one way or the other. Work together, within your budget, and create a guest list that you and your fiancé can both agree on.

#9 – Organise your seating plan

Seating plans can also be difficult, as people generally do not want to sit with strangers. If you are inviting work colleagues try to seat them together, and likewise, seat family with family and so forth. Of course, take into consideration any guests that don’t get along, and make an effort to keep them separated.

#10 – Design and print your own invites

If you’re creatively inclined, then designing and printing your own save the date cards and invites can be a huge cost-saver. The truth is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on invites for them to look professional. There are many tools online such as Canva, where you can design great wedding invitations and have them printed at a printing store.

#11 – Get makeup and hair trials

It’s definitely necessary to book a makeup and hair trial with at least a couple of makeup artists prior to the wedding. There is so much left to interpretation when describing the beauty look you want to achieve that it’s generally unwise to leave it to the day of the wedding. You also want to have a nice rapport with your chosen HMUA, as they will play a big part in the day overall.

#12 – Book your venue early

Most popular venues will be booked out many months in advance. If you want to lock in your dream venue it’s best to do it as early in the planning process as possible. As the venue is usually the largest expense, it’s best to get this out of the way early so you can decide what to do with the rest of your budget.


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    I totally agree with your thoughts about number 5. In fact, we were reading this blog at the same time. Planning a wedding is really stressful but planning with my fiance makes it more fun, sharing ideas and comments makes the task a little lighter.

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