5 Ways to Spend Your Money Better Next Year

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At the start of each year, many of us make resolutions to make better choices when it comes to money. Whether it’s wasting less, saving more or getting out of debt, it’s a chance to reflect on where our money goes and how it could be used better.

But have you ever sat and thought about where you should be spending more – in ways that allow you to invest in yourself? Here are some ideas .

#1 – Upgrade your computer

Almost everyone in developed countries over the age of eighteen now owns a smartphone – and these little devices are incredibly powerful. We can do so much on them these days from work to play, it might feel as though your laptop or computer doesn’t get as much love as it used to!

However, a good computer is still a great investment – especially if you do any kind of work from home. Sure, you can type up emails and even documents to some success on a phone or tablet, but you’re always going to be quicker and more productive on a proper device. With a bigger screen and keyboard and the ability to get a torrent for Mac or PC to easily share files, it makes sense to own one. 

#2 – Buy high quality food

Good quality food truly is an investment in yourself. Many people will scrimp on their weekly food shop and buy rubbish ingredients as they feel like they can’t afford anything better, then go and spend a ton of money on takeaways, coffee shops and other expensive extras that they don’t need.

Spend time choosing out organic foods, stock up on produce, high quality meat and fish, nuts, beans and whole grains. Learn to cook healthy and delicious meals that leave you satisfied – you’ll no longer feel the need to call for takeouts all the time. 

#3 – Get driving lessons

Driving gives you so much freedom and independence, if you don’t already then learning to drive is a fantastic skill to have. Millennials are driving less are learning to drive later than past generations so if you’ve reached your mid to late twenties and beyond and still don’t drive then you’re not alone. Book up some lessons with a local instructor and start saving for a car, you’ll never regret doing it. 

#4 – Makeover your home

Home is where the heart is, it’s a space that should be relaxed, comfortable and where you truly enjoy being. If yours is looking mismatched, shabby or isn’t your style, then spending a bit of time and money getting it up to scratch is a good use of your funds. It could be as simple coat of paint on the walls, a few cushions, plants and accessories that will make a huge difference. 

#5 – Travel

Travel is never a waste of money. It’s good for the mind and good for the soul, it broadens your horizons and is an experience that makes life special. Don’t feel bad for saving up your money to use on trips, day trips, vacations and other breaks away, it really is one of the best ways you can spend your money!


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