5 Awesome Money-Saving Tips Every Girl Should Know


If you belong to the waste-your-house-deposit-on-smashed-avo-dishes collective, you’ll know all too well the obvious downside of over-spending.  And even if you’re not a brunch addict, I’m sure you can accept the fact that living is really expensive sometimes.

I’ve recently found this out the hard way. Like when I left my parking fines unpaid for a few months and accrued almost $1000 in late fees (gulp). Or when I was at the checkout of my local gourmet supermarket only to do a double take when my receipt for a few items of fruit, vegetables, personal care essentials and my favourite organic chocolate come to a crazy $100 fee. WTF?!

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been crash hot at budgeting. But as a career gal, and as someone who actually wants to build a future for herself, lately I’ve been doing my financial research and putting it all into action to save myself from any further money woes.

While it’s key to know how to stick to strict budget and manage your long-term finances, it’s also key to know easy tips and tricks to save a little immediate cash if you’re feeling short.

So if you want to amplify your dosh for peace of mind and a flexible lifestyle, these frugal tips are the perfect starting point.

#1 – Quit Buying Coffee

Word has it that millennial women spend more money on coffee than superannuation. Eek. Smart or scary, there’s no question you’ll save heaps by brewing your own, and you can stow away the leftover coin in your retirement fund. For extra points, Get a coffee machine such as a Ninja 12-Cup, or coffee maker with a reusable filter to save money and the planet. You’ll upgrade to barista-level java genius in no time.

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