Minimalist Mindset – Introducing Elegant Simplicity Into Your Life & Home

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There’s a reason why more and more of us are choosing to lead a minimalist lifestyle. Decluttering our living spaces can declutter our minds, which in turn, elevate our moods, and increase our self-confidence.

If you’ve already switched to a more minimalist way of living, you’ll be able to attest to how quickly these positive effects take hold. But if you’re not convinced this way of life is worth the effort, keep reading to see how beneficial the minimalist mindset can be to your everyday existence.

If you’re looking to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, follow these tips for introducing elegant simplicity into your life & home.

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#1 – Craft a cleaning schedule

Minimalist spaces truly shine when they’re immaculate and orderly. This means keeping your floors speck-free by regularly using a broom, vacuum cleaner, and mop. Dusting all surfaces and using surface wipes regularly will ensure your surfaces stay nice and shiny.

To keep a minimalist space looking immaculate, it’s best to develop a consistent cleaning schedule. While the idea of a cleaning regime might sound gruelling, the good news is that these spaces can be spruced up in as little as twenty minutes a day, with each twenty minute slot allocated to a different chore.

If you’e wondering how on earth you’d be able to mop or vacuum your entire home in twenty minutes, remember that the less furniture and other belongings you have, the faster you can manoeuvre around entire rooms. Therefore, it’s actually surprisingly easy to keep minimalist homes shiny and tidy!

And, as soon as you’ve adapted to the minimalist mindset, you’ll discover that it begins to take longer for messes to form in the first place. 

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#2 – Adopt some accent plants

As minimalist living usually limits you to just one or two artworks and very few other decorations, it’s best to look for accent pieces in the form of houseplants. The best houseplants for minimalist living are generally low-maintenance varieties, with striking, dynamic shapes.

Small succulents on your window sills are a great way to keep lower-traffic spaces like your kitchen and bathrooms looking alive and interesting. Larger plants like spider plants, monsteras, and potted ferns, work well when they’re placed beside furniture in living spaces.

For a bohemian take on minimalism, go for hanging baskets with string-of-pearls plants, or even some portulaca and other herbs. Hanging herbs into your kitchen space is not only handy for cooking, it’ll give the room an amazing organic aesthetic. 

minimalism into your home

#3 – Storage options aplenty

If you’re the type of person that struggles to get out of the house in the morning, then the minimalist lifestyle is definitely for you. Alongside having a home that is photogenic and trendy, one of the virtues of minimalism is how organised and tidy your place will start to become.

Incorporating storage shelves and baskets into your closet ensures that you’ll never have to deal with missing tops or odd pairs of socks ever again! Implementing minimalist organisation techniques into your home is also ideal for seasonal living. For instance, having plenty of functional storage at hand lets you to pack away your summer clothes in winter (and vice versa), so you can navigate your wardrobe with clarity and ease.

But the benefits of seasonal living aren’t just limited to seasonally decluttering your wardrobe. Altering your habits alongside the seasons can impact other areas of our lives such as our finances, diet and exercise.

Seasonal living leads to smarter spending and better health, by encouraging you to cook for yourself in accordance with the seasons. This brings in more fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals while saving money and helping the planet. In this way, seasonal living can inspire just as much harmony as adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Maybe it’s time to try both.

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